Beautiful people

Firstly, my eyes are blue. Not an outstanding blue. I’ve always called them wishy washy but blue. I met a customer today. He stood staring at me before saying I thought you had grey eyes. Why would you think about anyone’s eye colour was my first thought. He fucking stared at me so intently that if he appears in one of my dreams he’s getting slapped.

He went on to moan about having to wear a face mask as he shops. I nodded enthusiastically at the complete twat who says his duty of care is to himself. I won’t serve any customers who dont have a face mask unless they have an exception card. I serve 30-50 customers per shift. I’m protecting them since I’ll be wearing a mask & a face shield. I expect the very same back. I’m saddened though not surprised by twat man. Thankfully he’ll be in the minority (I hope).