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Today is one day

I work hard, parameters allowing to live one day at a time. We all know the yesterday has gone, tomorrow hasn’t arrived, today is the only day that counts philosophy. Sometimes though that has to be put aside. Things need organised. I love waiting till the very last minute. It makes the panic more manic. You get that’s sarcasm right?

Baby childs drawer delivery has been delayed which is no bad thing. That means I can get youngest daughters desk delivered today. Again thats ready built so jigging on landing required. I’m still annoyed that out of my five sons & two daughters no one wants to help. Tbf most of them work so early shifts or late shifts means they get a buy out.

I cleared all but my favourite Laura Ashley bedding set. Bedding basket & contents have been removed. Desk is arriving this afternoon. Until that’s here I cant get on with painting. I’m incredibly frustrated. I have just today to get done what needs to be done. I’m crossing my fingers the rain will hold off until my one saved bedding set is dry.