Perspective given

I dropped into work today to give Nancy (real name) a washable rug I’d bought but didn’t use. Nancy is 78yrs old. She’d brought her 2 sons up. Following the death of her daughter in law she’d helped raise her 2 grand daughters. Nancy, in my mind is a typical older woman. Her best friend died years ago. For something to fill her time she works for 2 charities. The perspective came when I asked how she fitted everything in. Her response was do you mean that housework stuff lol. I did but she remained stead fast with the response I don’t care. That house is bricks & mortar. It’ll be there long after me. I’ve heard not 1 but 2 people say they keep a clean house in the last week. I’m not sure what that means & I don’t care. I’m with Nancy actually. No awards are given for completed house chores.

Underneath my clutter the dust bunnies must laugh at me. I half heartedly dust once a week. Honestly, I don’t really care. That’s so bad I know. Our Nancy, she makes a fair point. So long as my bathroom/toilets are clean & my kitchen is well sanitised, I’m not that bothered lol. That said, I do have a cleaning rota I try so hard to stick to. I don’t but I do try :)))