Just follow me ok?

Imagine being someones little dangle, the little being who gets taken out the box when the ego needs a little massage.  Sorry but guys, your the one’s who do it.  Your the one’s that cant stand on your own, hit it out in the world so you rely on various crutches throughout your life.  As you sit huffing thinking, Jac is having a stroppy moment, I’m not.  When a dummy is spat, its guys who do it.  When the toys are thrown, its guys who do it.  Its men who will chase for months, hoping to get a shag at the end of it, we know, were brighter..  
So, what happens when the dangle no longer likes being suspended.  When the dirty little secret wakens up after months in a self enduced coma, has a word with herself and screws the nut.  Insults, thats what happens.  Men suddenly become holy with a stream of insults of I’m shocked, I thought we were friends, yeh like any woman would choose to be friends with a viper??  Like she didnt realise that you were hedging your own bets.  Men who have wives or lovers who do that make me barf.  Keeping someone in reserve till you make up your mind.  I’ve been there, we can all lower our own self esteem.  Why would we require a prick to do that for us??  The reserve position is no position to be in.  The person who did it to me is still walking, talking and breathing, so far.  I can wait years before I seek payback, I will once in my lifetime, but that time isn’t now.
Come on women of this world, its wakey time.  Not to be pissed up a wall is this life.  Dont let any manipulation by anyone make you think your  greater than you are, your great already.  We dont need to seek forfillment from pricks walking.  All that we have, all that we are, thats stored in our own heads.  We need to take comfort from the basic facts.  If a man manipulates you, lets you down, lets you go, he never cared.  I dont give a shit who they are.  If you care about someone, you never ever lose that.  If they throw it away it was bullshit, if they say it wasn’t a love deal, if they cant say when without vague they’re lying, to themselves or you I cant guess but you will.  I take comfort from the fact I have enough love for myself.  I wont bounce from one relationship to make me forget another.  I have a name for that Muppetdome, it doesnt suit me, I do too much self honesty?  Men dont get that.  They sit and spout crap about not lying but they lie on the very basic level, to themselves.
So, commitment phobic men.  Aint it weird how they go from one disaster to another.  Leave the wife, its a done deal.  Walk away, dont turn back, never look back.  Get a lover, make a choice, go for happy or is that shag vibe and heh ho, Muppetdome is reached.  Hold on tho?  Is that pea size brain sayin something, ssshh, can you here it, Fuck, what if I should have stayed with what I had, the wife was safe, knew my buttons, o fuck MUM!!!!!  hA FUCKIN hA.  Commitment phobic men can stay married for decades, I know some.  Its sad, scared to stay put but too scared to move onto the unknown.  If they stay its with a sigh of regret.  Some get brave and shift there world, usually to the next street with Aother but it never quite fits, they may loathe the wife but the Aother, wow, shes gonna be loathed even more, it will be hunky for a brief moment in time.  Here’s the deal – IT NEVER WORKS IF YOU TAKE THE SHIT WITH YOU.  carry the same load from person to person, your gonna get the same result.  Maybe I shouldnt share this.  Maybe I should leave every saddo to scramble in the dark.  You know that song Search for a Hero??  You dont need to search, hes on every corner, in every bar.  Pity he cant even save himself but that a mans lot.  When brain cell No 2 catches up with cell No 1 wont we be laughing.  We have moved on and up.  Found ourselves our  own happy and dont require imput from tossers….  Happy happy, absofuckinlutely.  I have missed out the depressive men, that was done on purpose.  They are so far up there own arses why would I comment.  From the cradle to the grave, mummy made him the centre of her world, how do we all not realise how important he is.  The depressive’s are surprisingly arrogant./  Create a crisis, hold there hands up with a Who Me?  and negate responsibility, actually they never take responsibility, they prefer to blame everyone but give out the poor me of a victim.  They are the martydom of there world, hate the job, but it pays well, children, if they have them, dont communicate, I have no time to describe them, I have never met anyone so annoying as those who say they have depression.  I would not include manics in that.  I had a family member who was manic and he struggled until his death.  Manic depressives are chained in there own misery and just cant find there way out.  I’m talking about the men who use it as a tool to get any fucker who is soft to go straight to sympathy and bypass intelligent thought – thats manipulation of the nice.  Take your drugs, sort your life, move it along….
And women, I dont care how much you cared.  Dont ever contact him again, dont text, if your phone is better than mine, delete, if not never send just to him.  Email addresses delete, or better yet, shut them down, who cant work out a password lol..  Mn you dangle are pathetic, men whpo walk are just above them, just.    When he opens the cave whos gonna be standing waiting, will you?? I wouldnt.  The old saying do it once, shame on you, do it twice shame on me.  One chance, one life so get it right first time.  We woman can say we fucked up.  Men can say just fuck off, its all the same.  Men are like buses so dont sweat it, they come and go, even after long tiresome marriages.  Thank god for the creation of whatshername.  When he wakens up, and I do believe they all do at some future point.  Do not give him the smug look your holding onto.  Dont say you stupid fucker.  Just remember, if the twat was too thick to recognise how great you were first time around; time will not have changed him.  Once a tosser always a tosser, unless he lied; thats a whole other blog tho.. 
Light on in sllence