big sister is reading

Heh All
My big sister has joined us in techno land and finally got connected to www land.  I’m not intending to let her cramp my style.  If anything she encourages me off the straight and narrow.  My sis, despite being just a couple of years older than me has no faith so sin is an alien concept to her.  We discuss everything and she doesnt get my need to seek punishment for the sins I have commited in the past.  I’m not looking for absolution, just a little bit of torture, thats all.
I have no idea how ofetn she will read, deffo not as often as I write, think the internet will bore the pants off her.  She’s not much of a shopper.  Whilst I dont physically shop much, I like a good look…
With that, next is shouting at me to look.
and please listen to the tracks I load onto space, they’re little bits of me and I like them to be heard..
Stay happy peeps
living in light