its not time thats moves – its us

I have recently become very dissilusioned with both blogging and messenger.  I dont like restricting access to either.  I have made some awesome contacts and built friendships that have seen me through some tough times.
For a variety of reasons, I have decided to stop both, at least for a while.  I dont like virtual so much anymore.  To be honest I got so used to enjoying my online time that i have kept it going, when I should have stopped a while ago.  I am sure the virtual world can life without one blogger.  As the title line says, it isn’t time that moves, its us as people.  Hopefully we evolve grow and never give up on our striving for happy.  Never settle for mundane and never let anyone leave us with the feeling that we dont count.  We all count.  Internet access, its over-rated, at least for me.
May all be happy, may all have prosperity and may no one ever be harmed..
Living in brilliant light