just for girls, seriously

Ok if I just type the word periods, hopefully most men will scurry along.  This I need to share.
My oldest daughter Jennifer is only 10yrs old.  She is a big ten, developing way to fast.  How fast I didnt realise until I entered her domain.  Typically she throws her clothes everywhere.  I should have twigged when I found a stash of her underwear behind her bed.  So on inspection I think, when the hell did that start, more to the point how come she didnt say. 
I am a well prepared mum.  We have had talks and she knows where the "female" stuff is stored.  She helped herself, didnt like to bother me because one of her brothers was playing up and I feel like total crap.  God, I remember when I started mine at 11yrs old, I thought I was dying and ran to my mother in a flood of tears.  Not Jennifer, she was cool, I think.  I’m more amazed that it happened just after christmas and she didnt say???
I have no friends with daughters who have been through it.  Only friend I have with a daughter a few years older is yet to go through this.  Boy, was it a shock.  I’m not quite sure why.  I feel a bit silly sharing with my virtual mates when I have no intention of sharing with anyone apart from you guys and ang but I suppose these things should be private.
Only reason I am sharing is because I do feel like crap.  Its an important time and my daughter thought I was to busy to be bothered.  Shes been put right about that.  Still feel crap though.  One daughter down, two to go.  I just hope it gets easier..
Light going off