How do you cook??

I was told other day that what I cook is shite.  Actually My H told me that, sitting in his car the other morning lol..  He is still breathing, for now.  Let me just type I am not a meat eater but do  cook it      for him and my kids.  I cook on average 5 nights a week.  Two nights beef mince, two nights chicken/turkey & one night fish.  Sometimes pizza, homemade from base to topping.  I usually cook basic stuff with basic veg.  O except I’ve been told I dont cook boiled potatoe’s This seems to be a problem.  This tho is the class bit.  I was told today that he would have lunch because he was hungry.  I replied with better buy bread.  I dont eat it.  My kids only get wholemeal rolls so if he wanted a sandwich, bread would be required.  My gob is still open from the "I would rather buy one that make one".. Like just because there was nothing to put on a sandwich??  I never eat lunch so it never bothers me, Nicky has a wholemeal roll, quite happily or a ton of fruit.
So reality check.  I do not fry any food.  According to Rick Steins programme the scots deep fry everything, including pizza.  Wrong.  I will not stand, peel and mash 4kg of anything for 8 out of 9 people not to eat them, not gonna happen.  I will not buy anything that neither me or my children dont/wont eat, again, it just aint gonna happen.  goodness, I sometimes forget, when your married manners go out the window.  Maybe I should be making a bit more noise instead of seething quietly?? This man wonders why he never has sex??
Tonight they are having Turkey escalopes, in homemade breadcrumbs.  Kids are getting them in finger shapes.  He’s getting them chucked on a plate.  Yes, the Aunt Bessie’s are coming out the freezer as is the vegtables & yes veg will be undercooked because I like it that way & no that does not give you the trots, thats the shit you eat otside that does that.  Hmmm there seems to be a divide thats getting wider in my world??  Ah well.  its takes a man to piss me off.  Funny tho how he eats twice as much as anyone else.  If its so shite perhaps he really should think of trading me in for a more inferior model, wish he would.
On a me note.  Still no shopping.  I did go to our Stations of the cross & mass this morning.  There was a moment when I was kneeling down & all I felt was total peace.  I felt a smile come to my face, I have no idea why.  Just in that moment, none of this life shit mattered.  God had my full attention for a change which was wonderful.
Its rainging
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