happy monday

I have no energy for today.  I actually feel my body breaking down.  I just dont get enough sleep these days.  Think I slept for about 4hrs last night.  I’m crap with little sleep.  My left leg is fab, does what its told; right one is dragging itself, sure sign I’m tired.  The fkn ignorant people were out in Asda this morning.  You know the one’s that see something  not quite right so turn for a 2nd look, couldnt be bothered this morning, ignorant fucks.  No patience, another sign that I’m tired.  Still got the weekly shop.  Thank goodness jamie was there, some cheeky bugger thought I was getting a months shopping; it was a week and a light shop at that.
I had hoped to get on a sofa this afternoon but Nicky has other ideas & wants to clean the garden.  I have pointed out maybe we should start inside but nah dont see it happenin, today is deffo not a house tidy day.  I do need to keep nicky awake this afternoon so might just go out in garden, blow some bubbles and smile at the birds flying past, lucky gits lol..
Light happily bright

big yawns

Okay, get this.  I’ve only been shopping a week and I’m bored, even with internet shopping.  I had a very specific shopping list for Jack’s birthday but its been a drag.  Every year since that child could talk has been his worst birthday ever and it bores me.  When we did his birtday present list I dont know whether he was serious or taking the piss but the drums have been bought so hes in for a big surprise lol..
I try hard with my children but he has tried my patience seriously this year, the last laugh will be with him though.  His little list has been completed but boy it was tough finding a nike football that was gold and not a T90, if your not into footie it was a tough call but I eventually found one.  Why is it the silly things that are a pain to get.  I’m about ready for my bed  except all my kids are wide awake after falling asleep on my sofa’s till 6pm.
Happy still
Light bright

funny read

Te above was sent to me.  Not for me but too pass on, I declined the offer.  It is funny though and decided to share it.
Its funny how life takes twists & turns.  You think you know what went on, then boom, you find out you were lied too.  A different game but for me, an amusing one.  I shouldn’t be having fun but I am.
Okay, I am about to end the game.  I’m going to enjoy this…
light bright