Its 12 days until Joy makes her communion.  The day when little girls get to dress-up in white, wear a veil and look like little princess’s.  Joy is rough and tumble.  Up until this morning she was wearing her new uniform, bought for the day.  Hmmm, all change this morning with the words "Mum I’m beginning to change my mind".  I didnt panic.  I have Jennifer’s dress from 2yrs ago.  It doesnt hit the floor with Joy but it fits.  If only a dress was all we had to worry about.  The shoes had been put away but baby Joy has size 6, the bloody shoes size 4.  This afternoon I been surfing bridal shops WTF.  If it wasnt so funny it would be tragic.  Luckily a neighbours child works in a shoe shop and is looking tomorrow.  My big problem is the veil.  Jennifer used mine.  I didnt get married in white.  Since I was pregnant I got married in oyster and my veil matched.  Jen’s dress is more oyster than white.  I think I put it into the wardrobe stuffed full of clothes that I dont even look in; I use the other one.  Anyway, other veil has quickly been bought, headdress the same.  Why are kids so fickle???
Rats, yep still got them, dead, but they’re still there.  The rat man is expected by tomorrow or I can just phone and shout nicely at them lol..
I feel as if I should be in a panic tho dont quite know why.  I have a birthday/communion fllowed 3 days later by another birthday.  The celtic superstore seem unable t get tracksuits for children.  I bought Jen nike football boots instead of umbro and Joy doesnt just want a celtic tracksuit shre needs it lol..
Im trying to keep the light on
Kids dont make it easy tho