from chakra comes balance

Another sensitive issue appeared today.
Joy has just turned 9.  She is however a tall girl who you would think was a lot older.  She hurt her back on the trampoline which I have to say is fabulous.  Except I do need 2 hands on my boobs since one just wasn’t doing the job, though I was tickled you thought it would Eileen lol.  Anyway, Joy took her beloved Celtic shirt off.  Girls, one day they are just little girls; the next boobs are appearing.  My Joy is a tom-boy.  She dresses, acts and behaves like a boy.  Till now the hair was the only thing that made her look female.  They are there though – breasts.  Oops, she is not a happy bunny.  i did try to tell her that a bra is maybe a good idea not that she’s having it.  I cant believe she’s only 9.  Jeez when she becomes pre-menstrual, I’m hiding out for as long as I can.
On a funny note.  I decided to put flooring into my sitting room.  Its not a big room, despite being jammed with furniture and is only 14′ by 11′.  I checked online the flooring I wanted and hit on a conversion site that converted it into m2.  HHmmm, I’m not that great because I apparently bought 221m2 of flooring, almost 3 times what was required.  I was a bit put out until it was pointed out I could floor sitting-room and 2 bedrooms with what I bought.  So the positive is, I got the wood I wanted, half-price in a sale; I got the colour I wanted and the bedrooms I had intended to do sometime in the future will be done sooner than never.   If it was a blonde moment, it was an inspired one..
Light happy with new bulb

Talking about Two Horses



Two Horses

Author Unknown

Just up the road from my home

is a field, 
with two horses in it. 

From a distance,

each looks like

every other horse. 
But if you stop your car,

or are walking by, 
you will notice something

quite amazing. 

Looking into the eyes

of one horse

will disclose

that he is blind.

His owner has chosen

not to have him put down,

but has made a good home

for him. 

This alone is amazing. 

If you are nearby

and listening,

you will hear the sound

of a bell. 
Looking around

for the source of the sound,

you will see
that it comes from

the smaller horse

in the field. 

Attached to her halter

is a small bell. 
It lets her blind friend know

where she is, 
so he can follow her. 

As you stand

and watch these two friends, 
you’ll see how she is always

checking on him,
and that he will listen

for her bell

and then slowly walk

to where she is,


that she will not lead him


When she returns

to the shelter of the barn

each evening, 
she stops occasionally

and looks back,

making sure her friend

isn’t too far behind

to hear the bell. 

Like the owners

of these two horses, 
God does not

throw us away

just because

we are not perfect

or because

we have problems

or challenges. 

He watches over us

and even brings others

into our lives

to help us

when we are in need. 


we are the blind horse

being guided

by the little ringing bell

of those

who God places

in our lives. 
Other times

we are the guide horse,

helping others see.

Good friends

are like this. 
You don’t always

see them, 
but you know

they are always there. 

Please listen

for my bell

and I’ll listen

for yours.


for being a friend!

‘Be kinder

than necessary, 
for everyone

you meet

is fighting

some kind

of battle.’

The price of shoes!!!!

Lellie Kelly are a must for little girls. 
If they aint got the shoes they’re not cool.  I can hear my pal Pauline in my ear saying hmmm, I wouldnt spend that on a pair for myself never mind my child.  Hope’s 7th birthday is next month.  The lellie kelly shoes with blooming lip-gloss enclosed have just been bought online.  For those who dont know them they cost nearly £40.  Aong with the new Ds lite, has to be pink, the 2 games for it and a bike plus a dolls house built since Dad failed to build the one bought at Xmas and some of it got lost.  Yes, the list goes on & on.
I dont need anyone to point out that I spoil my children, thanks.  I set the standard for birthdays a long time ago with Jamie.  Up until Jamie was 3 he only got the cheapest of cheap.  Only wore clothes others had kindly given me.  I promised myself that when I did have enough money I would spend it on my kids.  Didn’t realise just how expensive it would turn out to be.  A well….
Its a horrid day.  Rain tumbling down.  Typical – I bought an 8ft trampoline yesterday thats out in my shed, as soon as it stops raining it shall be built.  Thats not for the kids, thats for me.  The day I turn into a "normal" i the day I will stop beathing.  Wh wants to be normal????  So what if I have to hold onto my boobs despite having a sports bra built by the forth road bridge builders, nothing like a good bounce to blow the cobwebs..
light dull with rain

girls are vicious

My 2 oler daughters at 11 & 9 are vicious to each other.  They fight more physically than any of my boys do and I hate it.  I remember my Mum always saying never get involved between 2 sisters and she never did but…  My daughters fighting is way over the top.  They start off with a tiny scuffle over nothing and end up spitting on each other – YUK!!!!! 
The weekend was long, I wasn’t here though.  On friday our water was off, broadband, tv and phone cable had been cut so I headed to Fife and my little caravan, big enough for 8, a squash for 9 lol..  It was an okay weekened.  Kids done there own thing, I did what I always do, sit in the sun or clean-up.  My toe minus its toe-nail and bed is not up to shoes yet so I stayed away from the beach but I still enjoyed it.  I did put on 1lb but in the big scheme of things whats a pound??  I know, I’m pants at losing weight, I know, I know.
The new neighbour is still decorating so hasn’t moved in.  She is currently putting floor tiles in her hall with grout???  I did think of telling her, floor tiles on top of concrete with grout??  Heh, best she finds out on her own I figure and I call that little error payback for wakening Nicky from his nap, most inconsiderate.  It must be nice to be able to afford "superior" floor tiles and flooring; B & Q’s own was good enough for my floors but heh maybe I’m being a negative snob??  Whatever.  I have been told that she and her "friend" belong to a new sect of "christians" and that God found and saved them??   For F sake, wonder if they will try and convert me???  Hahahaha, with that amusing thought I’m off to worry about my bald patch.  Someone remind me to visit my GP before baldness gets me.
Light twinkling

weirdest thing

This afternon I’m searching the web for stuff on dyslexia.  I came accross this posted by the Mum of a teenager who is suspected of having dyslexia because she has messy handwriting, it says it all, for a mum:-
I sometimes see a woman in my mirror
Sometimes I think I know her
sometimes I think I dont
But mostly, I just wish she had more of the answers
That would help us cope!!
I’m off to sit in my garden.  I feel like crying which is silly, I have no reason to cry.  The resourses in this country for kids with learning difficulties is shit.  Where  I live if you suspect your child has dyslexia you have to pay for a private assessment which I could affod but what about the parents who cant.  I sometimes wnder…
light on

the best of who, it aint me

Why is it, when your in a frustrated but okay mood someone comes in with an even bigger, better, nastier one.  I had already written this morning about my rice.  I maybe should have mentioned there was 3 cereal bowls full on my floor??  OOps, Mr big was not impressed.  He takes the kids to school.  He starts work about 7am, signs off at 8.45am and walks the kids to school.  I’m not quite sure why.  I suspect its a power thing.  Making himself indispensible perhaps.  The trouble with that is he usually doesnt go back to work until after lunch.  He still moans about his lack of money. hhmm, thats perhaps because you dont work much??  Anyway I was a touch peeved.  When I went downstairs he had put the bowls plus contents into the sink.  Sorry but I think thats gross; I did tell him so when he came home.  I also told him to keep his bad mood outside my home.  My mornings are stressed enough with the kids without his strops. Should I be feeling guilty?  If so, I’m not.  I actually got my floors washed before lunch-time.  Between buying jamie a pool table and Joy a new mattress I’m broke so no point going out this morning anyway.  So my washing is again up to date, its out on my line and I’m twiddling my thumbs a bit here.
Will I ver see the day when my kids do as they are told.  When the big kids wind there necks in and I can live in harmony?? O fuck I sound like a sodding coke advert or was is coke??  Tripping so I’m gone, again.
light on somewhere

note to self

Mental note.  I will not allow anyone to bring upstairs a muller rice.  Joy had a moment this morning.    She had just taken the lid off her rice and what did she do with it??  Chucked it – all over Jack.  He did look funny.  His clean uniform covered in strawberry rice.  There is at least two problems with this a) The bloody rice is mine and b) her reaction was way over the top.  I had parents night last night.  My 5yr old Lulu writes the as hte and to as ot.  He does it contnually and he does see it when his teacher points it out and corrects it.  When I asked her why she thought he did that she said o I dont know??? maybe its me????  My mother has dyslexia so maybe it is just me.  She did say "maybe get it checked" – o thats a big clue lol..
It appears all my kids behave appropriately in school.  Jack is well mannered and quiet, as is Joy.  Yeh right!!!
I have no idea what I’m going to be doing today.  Since I refuse to do any huff & puff stuff I’m having to stay active in other ways, I seem to be doing okay, so far.
Enjoy your day
light bright