from chakra comes balance

Another sensitive issue appeared today.
Joy has just turned 9.  She is however a tall girl who you would think was a lot older.  She hurt her back on the trampoline which I have to say is fabulous.  Except I do need 2 hands on my boobs since one just wasn’t doing the job, though I was tickled you thought it would Eileen lol.  Anyway, Joy took her beloved Celtic shirt off.  Girls, one day they are just little girls; the next boobs are appearing.  My Joy is a tom-boy.  She dresses, acts and behaves like a boy.  Till now the hair was the only thing that made her look female.  They are there though – breasts.  Oops, she is not a happy bunny.  i did try to tell her that a bra is maybe a good idea not that she’s having it.  I cant believe she’s only 9.  Jeez when she becomes pre-menstrual, I’m hiding out for as long as I can.
On a funny note.  I decided to put flooring into my sitting room.  Its not a big room, despite being jammed with furniture and is only 14′ by 11′.  I checked online the flooring I wanted and hit on a conversion site that converted it into m2.  HHmmm, I’m not that great because I apparently bought 221m2 of flooring, almost 3 times what was required.  I was a bit put out until it was pointed out I could floor sitting-room and 2 bedrooms with what I bought.  So the positive is, I got the wood I wanted, half-price in a sale; I got the colour I wanted and the bedrooms I had intended to do sometime in the future will be done sooner than never.   If it was a blonde moment, it was an inspired one..
Light happy with new bulb