If I had known just how popular Harry Potter would be with my oldest daughter I would have bought the books sooner.  Jennifer has now read all 7 books 4 times.  She does have other books but Harry Potter, she loves.  I have managed to buy her 2 1st editions of Quiddich and the ferocious beast (?).  Jennifer takes care of her stuff.  She has 2 sets of the potter books, one thats made up of paperback and hard and another hard box set which she hasn’t opened lol..  Well worth the £69 I paid for it.  I’m not the type to put thingas away.  Books are supposed to be read & enjoyed.
Why is it that now my kids are off on summer break they get out of bed even earlier with a spring and zest they never have on school days.  4 of them where up, washed had breakfast and out by 8.15 despite the rain.  Thankfully June has left.  I’m hoping the weather will be better for July, I’m not counting on it but June was so wet I hope July isn’t the same.  I’m trying hard not to bellow downstairs at them for coming in and out.  I’m just picturing my flooring, I knew I shouldnt have washed it last night.
O and I have managed to take my iron tablets, all by myself, amazing I know.  Most of my family muist think I’m 2 since I get texts or phone calls about it.  Like I can’t manage 3 pills a day.  I dont actyually feel any different.  The mouth sores have gone but my hair, its still a wide shed haha.  Even the black thing didnt happen, never did the constipation, sorry TMI but I like to share.
I still havent managed to locate my bathroom scales.  I did realise that I had lost my pinky rings which upset me more.  When I changed to silver I had boxed all my gold stuff and they weren’t with the rest.  One of them had been given to me on my 18th by my Mum & Dad.  I remember getting it.  At 18 my dad was still a drinking alcoholic and my Mum had to save to buy that ring so its always been special so I did shed some tears at my stupidity yesterday.  Even more when I found another bag with gold in it and there they were, all 3 of my little rings..  Just to find my solid square bangle and I think I have most of my gold.  I hope bad memory is a sign of anaemia otherwise I’m stuffed.
I bought 3 indoor airers last week.  H moans about the tumble drier and I have so much washing so bought 2 cheap plastic ones and a wooded one to put at my radiator in the hall.  The wooded one came boxed so smart arse took it out the box yesterday and opened it.  Except someone didnt like it up, attempted to put it down and snapped it. Okay it was only £13 but I would have liked to use it.  Yesterday the receiver for my keyboard and mouse ended up in a cup of coffee.   Nicky wiped it with his t-shirt put it back and I wonered why neither were working.  A trip to tesco and its back to a wired mouse and keyboard.  I like my wired keyboard, you know were you are with wire.  Now that is perfect.
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