If I had known just how popular Harry Potter would be with my oldest daughter I would have bought the books sooner.  Jennifer has now read all 7 books 4 times.  She does have other books but Harry Potter, she loves.  I have managed to buy her 2 1st editions of Quiddich and the ferocious beast (?).  Jennifer takes care of her stuff.  She has 2 sets of the potter books, one thats made up of paperback and hard and another hard box set which she hasn’t opened lol..  Well worth the £69 I paid for it.  I’m not the type to put thingas away.  Books are supposed to be read & enjoyed.
Why is it that now my kids are off on summer break they get out of bed even earlier with a spring and zest they never have on school days.  4 of them where up, washed had breakfast and out by 8.15 despite the rain.  Thankfully June has left.  I’m hoping the weather will be better for July, I’m not counting on it but June was so wet I hope July isn’t the same.  I’m trying hard not to bellow downstairs at them for coming in and out.  I’m just picturing my flooring, I knew I shouldnt have washed it last night.
O and I have managed to take my iron tablets, all by myself, amazing I know.  Most of my family muist think I’m 2 since I get texts or phone calls about it.  Like I can’t manage 3 pills a day.  I dont actyually feel any different.  The mouth sores have gone but my hair, its still a wide shed haha.  Even the black thing didnt happen, never did the constipation, sorry TMI but I like to share.
I still havent managed to locate my bathroom scales.  I did realise that I had lost my pinky rings which upset me more.  When I changed to silver I had boxed all my gold stuff and they weren’t with the rest.  One of them had been given to me on my 18th by my Mum & Dad.  I remember getting it.  At 18 my dad was still a drinking alcoholic and my Mum had to save to buy that ring so its always been special so I did shed some tears at my stupidity yesterday.  Even more when I found another bag with gold in it and there they were, all 3 of my little rings..  Just to find my solid square bangle and I think I have most of my gold.  I hope bad memory is a sign of anaemia otherwise I’m stuffed.
I bought 3 indoor airers last week.  H moans about the tumble drier and I have so much washing so bought 2 cheap plastic ones and a wooded one to put at my radiator in the hall.  The wooded one came boxed so smart arse took it out the box yesterday and opened it.  Except someone didnt like it up, attempted to put it down and snapped it. Okay it was only £13 but I would have liked to use it.  Yesterday the receiver for my keyboard and mouse ended up in a cup of coffee.   Nicky wiped it with his t-shirt put it back and I wonered why neither were working.  A trip to tesco and its back to a wired mouse and keyboard.  I like my wired keyboard, you know were you are with wire.  Now that is perfect.
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Talking about Cards that should be sold in shops



Cards that should be sold in shops

"Looking back over the years that we’ve been together,
I can’t help but wonder:…
— What was I thinking?"

"Congratulations on your wedding day!…
— Too bad no one likes your wife."

"How could two people as beautiful as you….
— have such an ugly baby?"

"I’ve always wanted to have someone to hold, someone to love…
— After having met you, I’ve changed my mind."

"I must admit, you brought Religion in my life…
— I never believed in Hell until I met you."

"As the days go by, I think of how lucky I am…
— that you’re not here to ruin it for me."

"As you grow older, Mum, I think of all the gifts you’ve given me…
— Like the need for therapy."

"Thanks for being a part of my life!!!…
— I never knew what evil was before this!"

"Before you go,…
I would like you to take this knife out of my back.
— You’ll probably need it again."

"Someday I hope to get married…
— but not to you."

"You look great for your age…
— Almost Lifelike!"

"When we were together, you always said you’d die for me…
— Now that we’ve broken up, I think it’s time you kept your promise."

"I knew the day would come when you would leave me for my best friend…
— So here’s his leash, water bowl and chew toys."

"We have been friends for a very long time…
— What do you say we call it quits?"

"I’m so miserable without you…
— It’s almost like you’re here."

"Congratulations on your new bundle of joy…
— Did you ever find out who the father was?"

"You are such a good friend that if we were on a sinking ship and there was only one life jacket…
— I’d miss you heaps and think of you often."

happy sunday

New bedlinen is such a treat isn’t it??
I dont sleep through the night often.  I didnt last night but it was still nice being in bed.  I never know who’s going to be beside me.  I wakened up at 2am, no one there – thats strange.  So, my brain kicks in and its 3.10am before I know it.  Back to sleep waken at 4.15am, nick is sitting looking at me.  We have a chat and he falls asleep.  5am is Jack’s up time so thats when he comes in, ready to start another day.  He goes for cereal and I fall asleep again.  Lewis comes in at 6.30am, looking for Jack.  I know, its not happening so get up, head for the shower.  Out of my bathroom windows it looks like a wonderful day.  I can see the sunshine.
Out of the shower I go to do my daily thing, where’s my scales??  Some nasty person has decided I weigh myself too often and has move them.  I have no problem with weighing myself everyday.  Its nice to keep a check.  I do admit I am lost with this dieting stuff.  Here was me thinking my diet was healthy.  If it is so healthy how come I’ve given myself anaemia.  I took scant short periods as a sign of age having went through the heavy 10day type since Nicky.
Maybe I should think about not weighing myself.  I just dont like the idea of not doing it.  I find it too easy to eat the wrong stuff and the weight does creep on.  I’ve totally lost the plot in relation to losing weight in a healthy way obviously.   HHmmm.
The sunshine isn’t as bright over the other side of my house.  Its going to rain, pants.  I have a laundry bag full of towels.  Why does it take twice as many towels when kids have showers??  I have never worked that one out.
I had an interesting day yesterday.  For a Saturday thats bad.  Someone remind me that anaemia is just that.  Im not going to suddenly get 2 stone off just because its getting treated.  I’m not suddenly going to get more energy and sleep, thats not going to get any better.  Actually, maybe it will..
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she was right…

It was my Dad’s 70th birthday yesterday so I was out.  All the kids came down to my Dad’s house in the afternoon, no one was in my house.  We arrived back at 5pm.  I was only home 5 mins and the phone is ringing.  Its my doctor’s surgery.  OMG, the dr had aked her to phone.  You know that pregnant pause that lasts a lifetime?  Its amazing what thoughts went through my mind in that split second.  The bloods take between 7 and 10 days so why phone.  One of the bloods is already back.  Showing I am severly anaemic.  I was to get a prescription and take 800mg of iron a day!!!!  Im not the best at taking pills, 3 time a day??  Yeh right.  I have an appointment for next week for the other results to find out anything else I’m deficient in.  I have found out coffee of any kind stops absorbtion of iron oops.
My hair, told everyone there was something wrong with it.  I’m so excited at the thought of my hair growing normally.  Did I not notice that I was tired hhhmmm I thought that was age, everyone else thought – lazy lol.  My mouth sores have settled with the mouth wash, thank god for mouth wash.  I have no idea how this happened.  I used to eat nothing but saturated fat and sugar and have a much better diet now.  The thought is I’ve been anaemic for a very long time and I hadn’t noticed.  Dont know how long I have to stay on these pills.  I have a 3 month supply so I’m guessing thats a start.
I’m sure my Mum will lecture me when she finds out.  My sis will say told you your pale.  I’ve never been pale in my life.  At least I can say out loud I’m feeling tired without someone who sits in a car all day growlling what have you done to feel tired!!!  Its a result I really didnt expect after kind contacts gave me lists and links.  I do eat iron rich foods just not eonough I guess.  Portion control is not one of my things.  I over feed some and under feed myself, always.  Roll on the constipation that I will get lol..
My Dad enjoyed his birthday.  It was tea and cake in his house but I wont go into that..
Enjoy the weekend

I’m not that bad

There are things on the iron rich lists that I do eat.  I have lentils at least twice a week.  I eat loads of fish, okay small portions but I eat it.  One thing I do which I didnt realise was bad is I add natural bran to my breakfast cereal, I’ve dont know that stops the absorption of iron.  I’ve dont that for years.  I’m not convinced I am anaemic so will wait for the bloods to get back.  The liver pate and eggs, I cant eat them.  My gall-bladder hasn’t tolerated either for years and I’m not about to try them again.
One of my mates has a mate who has just suffered her 2nd stroke in a week.  Shes 10yrs younger than me, drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney and has 3 kids at primary school.  Despite being warned about her lifestyle, not eating drinking to excess did she stop?? Nope.  This morning she was told the next stroke could paralyse her, I hope for her sake and that of her kids she does stop and think.
Thanks to those who sent list and links, I will take on board what I’ve read.  I wont eat red meat but there is so many other alternatives that no one should need too.  One thing I am clear on.  If I cant get enough iron from eating things that I do like I will take a tablet.  There’s no way I’m eating any more veg than I do.  I know I’m safe, my Mum doesnt read my blog haha.

I’m bumbling!!!

So off I totted to the doctor yesterday.  Showed her my lip and got a "hhhmm not ulcers, just spots of inflamation!!"  She’s bent over me looking in my mouth when she notices the extended shed that everyone says is my imagination.  How long have you had that??  Well over a year.  Makes perfect sense.  Really??  Not to me it doesnt.  It turn out thining hair is a common sign of anaemia.  As is mouth inflamation and a smooth tongue (I hadnt noticed).  The hair thing was the first sign, since I did nothing about it its gotten worse.
What did you have to eat yesterday.  That was easy and I got the "is that all".  Her scales said 10lbs lighter than my own (Yippee!!).  Then I get slugged with it.  You dont eat red meat, nope.  How much leafy green veg do you eat, is my mother here??  None.  You must feel tired, of course I feel tired but I lie awake for hours waiting for sleep.  Are you feeling generally lethargic?  Yeh its called being lazy which I do and do well.
It would appear that my diet is low in iron and other essential vitamins.  I couldnt even managed a vit tablet per day so no point talking about them.  Do I neeed to see a dietician? as she suggested, nope.  She asked if I had tried rinsing my mouth with salted water.  I dont have salt in my house and forgot to buy it although my neighbour did give me some, its vile.  I felt a bit silly.  I do eat loads of fruit, fish and some chicken I just dont do veg, never have.  I was warned to cut out at least half the decaf because I’m filling myself with liquid not food.
Think I need to go back, rethink this diet shit and get some iron rich food.  Must go, feeling a bit tired or is that lazy..
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they’re back – again

Hope has been scratching her head again this morning.  I brushed her hair as normal and the back of it has been clawed raw.  I started sneezing.  She turns around and glares "that means they’re back".  I’m trying to stay calm and say it might just be me.  Both Hope and I are allergic to head lice.  With Hope it flares up her psoriasis.  With me, it makes me sneeze anytime I’m near her hair.  Not again.  I kind of blame her.  After the last lot had been cleared she got her hair cut into a short bob, not long enough to get tied back.  Result, nits have returned.
So we will be back to washing every night in polytar and putting up with the fowl smell and sleeping on sofa.  Thats her sleeping not me.  I stay awake.  I dont want her head getting infected again.  I wish parents would be more responsible.  Most kids can easily be treated if there parents can be bothered.  Hope is allergic to the lotions so we have weeks to get rid of the nasty buggers.  I’m so blooming annoyed.  For most its just an annoyance.  For Hope its more than that.  I’m nly giving it till Monday,.  If no improvement shes going to the doctor.  Think we both had enough last time.
I’m off to the drs with my suspected mouth ulcers.  I have never had one.  Mine and I now have 6 dont appear like other ones.  Mine are hard, inflamed and not really round.  My mum says its because I use Oraldene?  Dont see how using mouth wash can give mouth ulcers.  They’re all under my bottom lip, most annoying when putting the lippy on lol..
This dieting shit is getting on my nerves.  Last night I had brusssel sprouts and flaked salmon with Aduki beans.  Talk about a shit dinner.  I’m also drinking way to much decaf.  I had at least 15mugs of the stuff and 2ltrs of water.  My yoga teacher said one of my kidney’s is sluggish, I wonder why lol..
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