do I need glasses perhaps???

Im a bit fed up of washing my hair everyday.  The semi I use is washing out.  I bought a dry shampoo yesterday.  Just a little problem, I cant read the bloody can!!!  I have my daughter Jennifer reading it allowed to me PMSL.  I would try anothe dye but my hairdresser has said if I get regrowth after a fortnight it would be the same whatever I use.  Now I know how to use it (thanks Jen) I will give it a try. 
Washing, washing and just for variety some ironing and dinner cooking.  My fab charity shop is getting me full-time next week, that’ll be fun.  They’re trying to get everyone to visit the hospice but I dont fancy going so am just going to do some extra hours to let those who want to go, go.. 
O and my own washing, its still sitting in my bedroom. My tumble drier is getting tired and I have enough kids washing to keep me going till about Tuesday I think.  Its funny how my life is revolving round clothes, both at home and work.  I seem to spend so much time just sorting through clothes.
I would like to moan but really, theres no need to do that.  H is bugging my t*ts, whats new there.  When I mentioned I thought the tumble drier was knackered he went and hid in boys room to watch a DVD.  How cute are men.  They go to avoidance and I’m happy to play the game haha..
Im off to do more washing  O and my footie team Celtic were beaten in the old firm match, the shame of it.  Rangers won 4-2.  I’m not phoning my dad for a while, hes gonna be bad mooded for a while lol..
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Is there anything

more important than life??
This was the question we were asked in church this morning.  Everything is thought provoking lol.  For me, the answer is no, nothing is more important.  I know some people will value things differently but for me, its a no brainer.  I have yet more washing to be done.  Nicky is currently  picking up all the things he dropped on my floor and the tantrum of a 4yr old is looming.  I am very clear, if you make the mess you tidy it up.  O the tears have turned to shouting, with that I’m off.
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I went to work this morning.  We have this unwritten dress code, black.  I had left everything worn this week on my bed and asked if H would mind putting it into the machine when the boys washing was finished.  I know H does his washing every Saturday o thought – no problem.  Where is my wahing?  Sitting on my bloody bed grrrrr f*ck.  I have washed and ironed everything the kids needed for next week, I did all that last night and it was such a small sily thing but I am seriously hacked off.  Maybe its just my Saturday night mood kicking in but come on, is it too much to ask??  Its not like his washing hasnt been done because it has, he even put the tumble drier on. 
We had 3 things taken off the hangers in work.  We have notices that say if you steal from the shop your stealing from the terminaly ill.  It takes £50,000 a week to run the hospice and its a total pisser that people are stealing from it.  Its a sad fact that theres just not enough staff to watch everyone and it is easy to steal I just thought that in a charity shop it just wouldnt happen, goes to show eh???
I am a lot happier.  Its nice to get out and do something, not for anyone but just "do".  I am busier but strangely I dont feel any less lonely.  I was talking to another helper today who runs her own usiness.  You know the type, beautiful home, more money than she needs with a woraholic H and yet she says when she’s at home at night, alone, she really feels it.  My brain was saying goodness, my house is full but I so get where she was coming from.
Well Im not going to worry, I got washing to be done lol..
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new skills

Its great learning something new.  I can now work a till.  I have never worked in a shop or a pub so have never learned that skills.  We had a shop lifter in yesterday.  My gob was open with a WTF, a charity shop and a guy on crutches stole 2 items.  Its actually a lot of fun.  Just way to few staff and I been in everyday this week  with a full day yesterday.  Kids aren’t very happy about that but they do there school thing, this is mine.
I still have my teenage add-on.  I am still sending him home to his mum but since it was her who chucked him out, she doesnt appear bothered.  GGrr, hes a lovely boy.  He doesnt talk back, swear but I do remember, hes not mine.  As a teenager though hes brill.  I would offer to swap my son for hers but Jamie would be kicked out within the first hour.
Ah well, better go get ready.  I started this week with little enthusiasm and no washing.  I actually look forward to going now but goodness, you working mothers, who run a house and work?  Wow I salute each and everyone of you.  My washing is in serious meltdown mode lol..
Enjoy your day
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its still raining!!!

Its amazing how things turn out.  I had a great time at the shop. The time whizzed by and I enjoyed myself.  There was a very good reason why so many people are needed.  The back of the shop is full of stuff that eeds sorting.  I am not the best at throwing things out ut if its not perfect it is "recycled".  I’m no sure I believe that but I’m going along with it.  Seems a bit of a waste to me but heh.
Kids are okay. To be honest I didnt do much when I got home.  I havent did any washing and it will be enoug just to get into the shower tonigh, back to the shop omorrow.  I was slightly annoyed when I was told to go to a shop for  black binliners, told not  asked but the "excuse me" that came out of my mouth was enough to change th managers tone.  I’m a bit funny that way.  I was brought up to speak to everyone with respect.
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Another print on my sitting room wall says Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  I went to the charity shop yesterday, filled out the forms and the woman on the counter said shes been a stay at home +Mum and is only trying it to build her self esteem????  I’ve to go back this morning but I am feeling a little negative,  There was more volunteers than customers yesterday and I dont want to be standing about doing nothing, thats not what I’m looking for.  I’m also not looking to improve my self esteem.  My church runs a group for that thru the back door, still makes me smile esteem, back door.  Ah well.
I have aquired a new teenager.  His name is Scott and hes 16yrs old.  He’s a friend of Jamies and his Mum kicked him out and doesnt appear to want him back.  Its a bit strange but I’m trying to give him some space.  The more I here about his home life the more I want to scream I will keep you.  I dont even know where to begin, he has college forms that need filled out but best I can say is leave it a couple of weeks??? 
Im a bit down this morning.  I had hoped that I would be more enthusiastic about this charity shop, high hopes but I’m not sure about it.  It seems a lot of effort for nothing, I shall give it a good shot.  As my other print says opportunity – you always miss 100% of the shots you dont take.
O and its raining, go figure lol..
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faith is over-rated

So I do believe that faith is over-rated, at least were kids are have any involvement.  Mass this morning was a long, drawn out chore.  We had a very nice 75yr old missionary talking to us this morning.  He went on and on and on.  We were all standing and what was our Fthr Harry doing?  Sitting in his nice comfy chair, centre of the altar, asleep!!!!
Nicky only lasted 20mins before the tears of "I’m hungry" started and he was sent home with Jennifer.   I forgot to get an extra communion for Jennifer so she wants to go to mass this evening.  I get a double hit of missionary, goodness I’m lucky..
This weekend has passed in a blur.  Yesterday was spent as usual out.  All my washing was done and out before I left so I now have a massive pile of clothes to iron.  Despite telling them all I wasnt buying anything yesterday I still managed to come home with more carrier bags than I should have.  No, I will not buy any bags for life, no, no, no.  I do always re-use my plastic carrier bags.  If they changed to the paper bags favoured in other countries I would use them.  Until the shops reduce the packaging on there products I will not use anything other than the carrier bags provided, so there.
Tomorrow will be busy.  School first thing and my "helping" in charity shop.  I am feeling a little nervous, duck out of water I think lol.  I’m hoping I will be fine when I get there but right now my brain is coming up with excuses as to why I shouldn’t go but I know thats all they are, excuses. 
H seems pretty set on this personal fitness larky.  I have said that I will let him try it with me, starting today.  He doesnt go for the weighing thing, he uses a measuring tape.  He thinks this will be a better indication of whether or not the excersise is being done.  I have to say that my body could do with some excersise so I’m going with it with unusual enthusiasm from me.  I have always lifted weights but he thinks mine are too light and has put them up from 4kg to 5kg, seems like such a small difference but I like the weights I’m used to haha.  Tummy stuff is a breeze, I never feel them.  4 c/sections has meant a good part of my stomach is numb inside and out so I will breeze them.  I have still to source the iron lung required for his cardio stuff but I’m sure I will find one, somewhere,.  Telling me to cut my smoking down to 5 a day is a bit unrealistic, I smoke that before the kids leave for school haha.
Time is rushing away today, better make a start on the ironing before I start dinner at 3pm and I will probabily have loads left to do.  I like the weekend, all that sitting about relaxing with nothing to do.  O I forgot, it doesnt work that way for Mum’s but I can dream – lalala..
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