do I need glasses perhaps???

Im a bit fed up of washing my hair everyday.  The semi I use is washing out.  I bought a dry shampoo yesterday.  Just a little problem, I cant read the bloody can!!!  I have my daughter Jennifer reading it allowed to me PMSL.  I would try anothe dye but my hairdresser has said if I get regrowth after a fortnight it would be the same whatever I use.  Now I know how to use it (thanks Jen) I will give it a try. 
Washing, washing and just for variety some ironing and dinner cooking.  My fab charity shop is getting me full-time next week, that’ll be fun.  They’re trying to get everyone to visit the hospice but I dont fancy going so am just going to do some extra hours to let those who want to go, go.. 
O and my own washing, its still sitting in my bedroom. My tumble drier is getting tired and I have enough kids washing to keep me going till about Tuesday I think.  Its funny how my life is revolving round clothes, both at home and work.  I seem to spend so much time just sorting through clothes.
I would like to moan but really, theres no need to do that.  H is bugging my t*ts, whats new there.  When I mentioned I thought the tumble drier was knackered he went and hid in boys room to watch a DVD.  How cute are men.  They go to avoidance and I’m happy to play the game haha..
Im off to do more washing  O and my footie team Celtic were beaten in the old firm match, the shame of it.  Rangers won 4-2.  I’m not phoning my dad for a while, hes gonna be bad mooded for a while lol..
light on somewhere