mother from hell

Either that or she thinks manipulation is the way to go.  Teenagers need something to live on.  I cant sgn the form for Scott since I’m not his parent or his legal guardian so sent him round to his mums to ask her to do it.  She refused.  Her feeling was its fraud unlss he lives there.  Since he has no intention of going back to her house and he did agree with her, no form signature AAAHHHH.  I did explain to the college that whilst I’m not his parent he is living under my roof and they could have my income breakdown but that doesnt seem to matter.  Since he didnt suffer any form of abuse hes not entitled to anything from college.  At the age of 16yrs old he has to go down the benefit route???
I dont mine giving him money, I have never complained at feeding him, buying new bunk beds but I really thought the educational system would support him.  Nope, all the college will give him is his travel expenses so maybe a pair of tainers since w live 5mins away from his college.
How typical of his Mum though.  The whole reason she kicked him out was because of his desire to go to college and not get a job.  Now, o she would fill out the blooming form except the but is he has to go back and live in her house again.  Think I need to get some legal advice, see how easy it is to get legal guardianship, it seems totally rediculous but necessay; then I can sign ever form required.  She could have just filled out the bloody form but hell no, let someone else worry about her child.  O I really give up.  I still have’t met his mother and right now, I hope I never do – for her sake.  Selfish cow (oops, terrible but thats how I feel).
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