its freezing

O i dont fancy this whole trick or treat thing.  I have to pretend that I’m really having fun crawling from one doorstep to another freezing my bits off.  Most of the people we live beside turn there lights off and hope it passes without the need to open there doors.  My kids have boundless enthusiasm for the whole thing.  As I’m typing I have a Spiderman, devil, vampire, princess, skeleton and harry potter & a late pumpkin who looks mighty embarassed lol.. all giggling and wonder why they have to eat dinner.   Only Jamie is too mature to enter into it.  Even I am vamped up, goodness I look good lol. George had offered to take Nicky (dad of nicky’s best friend) but I think it would be better if Dylan just came with us.  No point all of us freezing and George is a tricky treaty virgin haha.
I have my tubs of tooth rotting sweets at the ready.  I have my pumkin glowing since its pitch black already here and the spiders webs hanging from my ceiling are scaring me never mind little people but its a once a year thing and its for the kids.  I just hope I dont run out of sweets.
Light on