I promise to

Never neglect my washing again.  I didn’t wash for a couple of days before Christmas.  I know, I started hitting my head very hard against the wall yesterday.  Oops, same time as worked phoned to say no staff in.  A hard choice, run & hide at work or do washing???  Hmm how fast was I out that door.  At work, more staff than are usually seen thanks to Evelyn and her head-mistress voice so I could go home  I wasn’t dressed for work actually.  I did have the regulation black on but a vest top & yoga pants with a blob of chewing gum stuck to my bum is not the look I go for.   Neither is my ear lobes exposed without the large hoop ear-rings & worse, no make-up  How totally desperate was I to escape.  I did have to go out to the front to sort the till.  How fkn typical to pass a tango with a fit looking guy when I looked like a bag lady!!!!
Ah well, home after a McD’s hot choc and the washing didnt improve.  Neither did my mood when I realised to late that one of the black bags I had dropped off at work had washing in it.  I had ran out of laundry bags so had used a black bag.  It got amongst clothes Jamie was tossing and I took them to work.  Not to get sold but to get recycled, ah shit.  3 pairs of next work trousers gone.  Positve, I get to shop.  Okay boring, just work trousers but since Lewis had emptied his entire t-shirt drawer into the same bag, he needs some new stuff too.
So, I stomped around all day.  My happy no matter what had blood dripping into my lip from biting it too hard.  I still have washing but I have given myself a good lecture and I hope I listened to the stern voice I gave myself.  My bedroom, there is a choir singing in my ear.  My bedroom is clean, neat and apart from the pile of clothes I cant fit into my drawers or wadrobe its tidy.  My new sleigh bed is up.  Its not going to last long.  I think I had gotten used to my old bed and the new one doesnt look right.  Serves me right for keeping the old one for so long I guess.
Apart from washing, cooking, I am seriously bored.  I just want to go back to work now.  I cant believe Hogmany is tomorrow.  At least my shopping is done so none of that rush shopping tomorrow.  Just my black bun & shortbread to get and I’m ready for another fun, fun new year.  I think I may get drunk tomorrow night if I manage to stay awake.
Christmas is over and the new year is approaching.  I try to remember that everyone isn’t happy at new year and I always raise a glass to those who are no longer with us but I think I may just lift my glass to the future, just for a change this year.  After all, we who are alive, we must be here for something right.
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