There is always a reason..

This week has been a long one.  The life death question.  The who is born to live a long life whilst others die as kids has been circling over my head this week.  If we see a bigger picture I think its just a blur for me because I just dont.  I have had a wide spectrum this week.  Highs and lows.  More lows I have to say.  I’m not given to being emotive anymore.  I try hard not to over-react.  If I had to blame anyone for my silly rediculous choices hhmm that would be me.
I’m going into a blah, blah phase in blog.  That could be good.  I spat my dummy at Noddy yesterday.  Mystery reader was back for over an hour on Thursday jumping between 07– to current.  May I just suggest reading months in sequence?  You lose something when you skip beats.  So, mystery reader my thoughts on you are simple.  Your sad and since you dont comment either scared or threatened but I dont care which.  I have had enough.  All your doing is making me contact the one person you don’t want me to DOH??.   Work it out, just not in my space.  That’s for me?  My contacts?
Tonight I’m going to bed early.
  I will say a huge thank-you to my god tomorrow for all that I have. O, that includes my fabulously purple hair. 
 I so love the normality of it lol.
I will show gratitude for my 2lbs weight loss (yes!!!)
and I will not moan, till Monday (me thinks anyway)
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