A new rota

The behaviour rota has been shelved.  They react well to the time-out, naughty step and the new 3 strikes rule.  Well, it works for all but the very youngest, he doesnt react well to anything.  I have decided to create a chore rota.  Once again I discovered that the other grown-ups have resorted to skimming my floors.  They brush around the furniture rather than moving it..  The chore rota will be created and I will enforce my punishment if the chores aren’t done, properly.
I am fed up with moving bits of furniture and finding it hasnt been moved since I did it 3 weeks ago.  My de-clutter has started with the removal of my shoe cupboard in my hall.  If I’m honest the only one who used it was me.  It was just a bit of furniture that was in the way.  My hall now flows without any obstacles and the floor underneath is now clean.  Mank is a word that springs to mind.  How or why would you just brush around an item thats on bloody castors and no, I wont give up.  I will get even first.
I have this wicked thing I started today.  I set my alarm for 25mins and start whatever, tonight it was the shoe thingy.  I had planned to do it for the 25mins and then stop.  By the time 25mins was up the cabinet was removed and the corner unit had been moved and brushed under.  i never knew how slowly time passes when your waiting for an alarm to go off.
The kitchen will take a few 25mins but that will be for another day.  I do plan to work my way around and through this house.  The amount of crap and rubbish is a disgrace.  I never seem to throw anything away and that must change.  Why do I have a juicer in my cupboard that has never been used.  Why have a 3 teir steamer when it hasn’t been taken out the bloody box.  Crazy stuff and thats just one kitchen cupboard.  Its frightening but I must be a hoarder of crap.
De-clutter will hit my children too.  I have already planned for there toys.  A box to keep, a box to donate and a box to bin.  Might do that before I tackle my clothes.  right now though bedtime is approaching and the little people are getting a bit annoyed
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