A new rota

The behaviour rota has been shelved.  They react well to the time-out, naughty step and the new 3 strikes rule.  Well, it works for all but the very youngest, he doesnt react well to anything.  I have decided to create a chore rota.  Once again I discovered that the other grown-ups have resorted to skimming my floors.  They brush around the furniture rather than moving it..  The chore rota will be created and I will enforce my punishment if the chores aren’t done, properly.
I am fed up with moving bits of furniture and finding it hasnt been moved since I did it 3 weeks ago.  My de-clutter has started with the removal of my shoe cupboard in my hall.  If I’m honest the only one who used it was me.  It was just a bit of furniture that was in the way.  My hall now flows without any obstacles and the floor underneath is now clean.  Mank is a word that springs to mind.  How or why would you just brush around an item thats on bloody castors and no, I wont give up.  I will get even first.
I have this wicked thing I started today.  I set my alarm for 25mins and start whatever, tonight it was the shoe thingy.  I had planned to do it for the 25mins and then stop.  By the time 25mins was up the cabinet was removed and the corner unit had been moved and brushed under.  i never knew how slowly time passes when your waiting for an alarm to go off.
The kitchen will take a few 25mins but that will be for another day.  I do plan to work my way around and through this house.  The amount of crap and rubbish is a disgrace.  I never seem to throw anything away and that must change.  Why do I have a juicer in my cupboard that has never been used.  Why have a 3 teir steamer when it hasn’t been taken out the bloody box.  Crazy stuff and thats just one kitchen cupboard.  Its frightening but I must be a hoarder of crap.
De-clutter will hit my children too.  I have already planned for there toys.  A box to keep, a box to donate and a box to bin.  Might do that before I tackle my clothes.  right now though bedtime is approaching and the little people are getting a bit annoyed
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A Long pause

You know me.  I dont like to tackle the clutter that lurks behind most doors in my home.  However, seeing the difference a de-clutter has made to my bathroom has left me thinking.  De-clutter is the way to go.  I dont lack motivation or time.  What I do lack is the ability to do anything without the help of a 5yr old.  selfish I am.  I like to start something and see it through to the end.  said 5yr old likes to stop, chat awhile and generally waste time much to my annoyance.  I am hoping that a dose of Spongebob will send him to the sleepy corner of a sofa and I can get on.  Until he does drop off I am stuck sitting waiting for sleep to hit.  Deedum, bored is what I’m feeling.  Maybe its spring but I feel an itch coming on that I cant scratch, only clean with lots of anti-bac.
I have the easter bonnets to make this evening and eggs to boil.  I dont really get the decorate an egg thing.  Some parents get so into it the poor kids only get to see the egg when dad carefully carries it through the school gates.  I just boil the things and let the kids do it themselves.  One of my sons thinks he can just varnish it and let the beauty of the egg shine through, not sure his teacher will be happy with that but I do get where he’s coming from.  A blooming catholic school should know better.
My world will have to stay cluttered for just a while longer.  Little son is in a mood and sleep is not on his agenda today grrr.  How typical when I want him to sleep, he wont.  When i  dont ouch, blah blah.  He’s a man in training – enough said.  O and what do you buy a millionaire man for his 50th birthday??  I got an invite to millionaires party.  I did say I dont do grown-up parties but feel I should maybe buy him something?  Jeez I’m dreading the thought of a present.  I know he drink’s champagne but I would just buy tesco’s own.  I was thinking chocolate?  He buys enough, though I would only stretch to a box of maltesers.  We’re not all loaded after all.  Goodness, I wish I hadnt been asked.
Anyway I think I will go sit in my garden ad breathe some clean air before I spark up (have a cig).
Enjoy the beautiful day
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If I could…

Well what would I do, what would any of us do.  Today I said an open prayer out loud to a lady about my lack of guys suits.  Less than an hour later I had 5 to choose from.  How’s that for service.  O sometimes I really get this asking a higher being thing.  I did remember to say my prayer of gratitude but my, it totally blew me away!!!
Am I better?  Who knows but my voice is sounding like some jazz lady still, cleo something or other but I did get a hug from one guy and a kiss on the cheek from another so its obviously a guy puller lol..  Kids are being suspiciously helpful, except with putting there hangers on there rails.  Due to being unwell I do seem to have accumulated a laundry bag full that I dont remember sitting anywhere but since all bedding & towels are washed and cleaned that can get done tomorrow.  I did offer to pay teenager/s £5 for ironing but alas I had to do it myself, must be feeling better eh?
Insomniac haha.  The blog stalker has moved from the named entry I deleted onto an entry I titled up Insomniac in January.  Named person has an email a/c named insomniac but it was a funny entry and its still funny.  I’m not in the mood to mind who’s reading but that could be a time of the month thing so it will change.  I am once more on iron pills since my blood count is down to 8.2 again.  That seems to be my normal level when not on iron.  I maybe should eat some more red meat (ha, dont ever), maybe eat more leafy green veg (yeh, yuk).  I do eat fish but actually, I havent been eating anything much.  Still taste salt.  Anyone know, is that a symptom of something?? (if you read Mum, yes I do worry about myself, who knew)
Anyway I painted my bathroom yesterday.  Aint it great.  Spenty hours cleaning & painting the blooming room and went upstairs last night to find the lightbulb had blown.  I must say though a molton brown bubble bath by candle light was fantastic.  I’m not sure why but with the odd exception everything is pretty fantastic.  O my higher being thingy  dont burst my bubble just yet.  I have spend a load of dosh this lent.  Mostly on food and school dinners so wont have saved that much but despite not having been to mass for 3 weeks I’m really trying hard this lent.  A positive is when I was being sick I went right off choc.  One of the kids gave me a bit yesterday and straight afterwards I was sick again so no desire for choc, not that I was a big chocolate lover haha.
hope your all well
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I like my ducks

In between getting up I was dreaming about rubber ducks.  Sounds random but I have a family of rubber ducks on my bathroom window sill and I see it just before bed.  Ouch anyway I never have tied them into my bathroom theme, think that may change.
I’ve been up since 4.45am.  I know I smoked too much yesterday so its my own fault.  Already I’ve been out for 2 fags.  It must be cold.  On top of my shorts and t shirt is a big cardi.  Oh maybe its my age eh??
I better go turn off pc.  I only came on to check my stats.  Weird searchers are annoying but fun to watch..
enjoy your day
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What a surprise

I had breakfast with a millionaire this morning!!  He paid.  He is a man I met through a friend.  He owns his own construction company and he has some great insite into the world of business.  Funny how a man who’s life is about building has so many ideas about retail.  I did absorb well.  weirdly he’s a huge fan of my Moloko.  I’m not sure his motives are innocent but heh I’m not caring.  i got a free brekkie and some good tips.  I just need to hit out that I’m friend potential only.
I’m feeling better.  I had a heart stopping moment at the drs when she said she wasn’t happy I still had a cough and had all but lost my voice.  I panicked as she wrote the slip for the x-tay dept and before I knew it my chest had been x-rayed.  Am i the only smoker who would go to panic mode at that.  I have even started eating this week just to prove I can put on weight.  Everything/body who didnt matter or doesnt have paled into the realms of nothingness.  I admit when I’m unwell I do go straight to drama queen mode and think I will never recover. 
I have been having a lot of hits from windows live search?  Anyone else getting lots of hits from them.  last few days I have been hitting 200 everyday.  My thanks but I’m not quite sure why?  Ah well, I’m singing silently to Alphabeat.  I’m off to have a bath and eat a cream egg Mcflurry.  Is it just me or is ice-cream in the bath the bestest haha.
Enjoy your weekend

Random stuff

O like making easter bonnets.  I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.  Me?  Crafty?  Oops I couldnt even get a chick to stick to a bonnet if my life depended on it.  I have always been saved by ebay, well prepared before lent began.  This year?  Nope, forgot.  I have 1 week and I will have to buy but just stuff from my local pound shop.  My heart sinks at the thought of fighting with PVA glue.  Sticky fingers I thought I had left behind.  O god, I need saved.
I have a drs appointment tomorrow.  I half expect her to say my cough is in my head.  My blocked ear is just self defense against the noise and the lost voice is self defense from the kids point of view.  I did attempt to sleep last night at 11pm.  What was I thinking.  I was still awake at 2am.  By the time I did fall asleep I slept through 3am so no swearing from me.  i did sleep till 6am so I do feel slightly better or am I wishing.  I’m not sure work is the best enviroment and despite coughing one of our women insists on dusting every surface and just makes me worse.  The annoying man Jym was off today so at least I wasnt in a bad mood.  Cellulitis has left.  I do have a nice red scar area to remind me where it was.  It never strikes twice in the one bit so hopefully thats my shin done, fingers crossed.
Im off for a cough. I just wish it would stop.  O and my smoking is getting better.  I can finally inhale, haven’t been able to do that for almost a week.  If your not a smoker you wont get it, if you are – you will know, that makes me feel better lol..
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Another Monday

By the time Monday comes my fridge is bare.  Nothing for dinner.  I’m not bothered about eating but in 5mins lots of little people will be expecting fed.  O I’m such a bad Mum and no take-away so will just have to see what I can add to the veg mountain in my freezer lol..
3am is now my bodies time to waken up.  I lift my head off my sofa, look at the clock and say loudly ah fk it.  3am and I’m ready for some cough/sick time.  I have now stopped my antibiotics so fingers crossed both should leave.  I’m used to the taste of salt but yuk, I dont know how anyone could add it to there food.  Thanks to my pepper freak mum I have never had the taste for salt.
Work is okay but very blah.  I miss the staff I lost when I was off.  How come the idiots you wish would leave linger on whilst the good ones go?  Something unfair there me thinks.  Central Scotland is having some fab weather today.  A bright sunny day with an ice cold wind that would dry washing.  Except my washing is still up to date so none to be done.  Okay, my eyes are doing that weird thing again.
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