The meeting at the hospice was very long.  Why is it as women get older they talk, talk and talk more.  I was full of admiration for our regional manager who nodded enthusiastically at them all, droaning on about nothingness.  God help me if I get that sad.  The meeting was about new structure being brought into the 8 shops.  Trouble is, as the flagship Cumbernauld has everything in place already.  It was needless us being there this morning.  We dont need to hear about how new stock increases sales, we already know allthis.  We know how to visually merchandise yet over an hour was wasted listening to the pro’s of it.
Did I mention my boiler is out of action?  No hot water and no heating.  The valve part will hopefully be delivered by Monday.  Shit, freezing cold winds and rain had to return didnt it?  I’m cold.  I have kids who scream for the fun of it.  a TV that doesnt leave the cartoon channels.  I could almost say I am about to go into serious meldown mode.  Ah bless, this is what I had kids for.  I never wanted a quiet life and I’m not getting it. 
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