Who’s fine??

Children pick up everything.  Mine have been dropping 1 by 1 for a few days.  It started with the teenagers and sore throats, banging heads and slowly its trickled down my line.  Sick kids I could live without but since my name is Mum I guess I can live without sleep cos I dont see much of it happening over the next few nights.
So competition in my area has heated up with a rival opening up this morning.  I did send staff up to have a look.  I did get brave and went up myself.  It appeared my reputation had arrived before I did.  The Scottish director had been into my domain yesterday.  I knew she had been in since I had spoken to her but had no idea who she was.  Long story short, I was offered a job, money and all!!!  Head-hunted lol.  I did decline.  I am more than happy where I am.  I love most of my staff.  We have a great team but its smashing other people notice.  They have even adopted our dress code.  Teenager in White t-shirts.  Adults in white shirts and Manager in shirt & jacket.  The manager was a bit snide actually but I did the sweet smile and wished her every success.  I did mean that as a genuine comment.  There place looks fabulous, lights that work & all.
I’m still doing my happy thing.  As I left after my nail app yesterday I walked down the street to wait for my lift.  Just across the road they’re building 2 houses.  Some guy kept wolf whistling.  I turned around to see who was being whistled at.  Must have been the teenage guy with the dog.  The guy in the fork lift truck was waving at me but presumably he thought I was lost lol.  Women of my age dont get whistled at and I have a big enough head without thinking we do.  It did give me a smile though.  Nothing like leaving somewhere feeling great & having a stranger agree with you.  I’m getting attention from every angle right now.  Part of me wants to say too little to late but I am doing my stillness and praying that destiny will indeed lead me in another direction, sooner or later.  I have regained my inner happy, just for me and it’ll be interesting to see how long I can hang onto it.
I leave with something a female customer said to me this morning.  A happy vibe is a bit like daytime sex; you have to put the effort in to make it worthwhile.  I went to silence, shrugged my shoulders and winked that I had no idea, I dont.  Happy vibe though – I like.
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