I’m so excited by titanium???

I love Mr Ong.  Yes, a man.  Well he’s only 22yrs old but I love him.  Not only is he saving my broken tooth but he’s doing something else, bigger, better.  That’s why I love him.  My broken tooth is being done privately and I will need to pay for both the white filling and the cap but even with that he’s going to do this weird wacky thing with titanium.  Its a titanium framework that sits inside the mouth.  Looks a bit like a merecedes symbol  with clips.  Anyway this has individual teeeth attached and replaces any missing teeth.  How totally cool is that.  After over 20yrs of half smiling a full mouth of teeth.  I could jump up and down with excitement.  Okay I have some major work to have done before I get there.  Six months of settling for my 2 caps and extractions but eventually, I will have new porcelain teeth.  All my very own.  I have been told I can call it a framework, dentures or brace.  I dont care what its called except its a brace.  My broken tooth is being filled on Thursday.  Its £63 for the white filling but it should always have been a white filling.  Not sure how or when the cap is being fitted but given the fact the same tooth on the other side has got a filling of amalgum and not a white one think I had better pay out for another one.  My front teeth have acid erosion so they are being filled and reinforced.  Thats due to my liking for fruit.
Sister is looking at another few weeks in the rehab unit.  I’m a bit annoyed.  Kids really need a break as do I but that’ll have to wait.  Back is no better but I do have another postive.  Breast absess burst this afternoon.  All over my new £28 bra but its burst, thankfully.  It was making me feel quite sick so hopefully it’ll settle down.  Before anyone says I should have went to my dr, I couldnt.  Its a recurring one.  Once its been treated and asperated GP’s dont waste there time again.  They just do an immediate referal to hospital for them to deal with it surgically.  I dont have the time to be going into hospital this week, too much on.
I’m off to walk about.  Sitting down is painful.  Standing up is painful.  Actually moving is painful but not a lot I can do.  Whatever I’ve done to my back its not getting any better but time is probabily all it needs.  Roll on Thursday when my broken tooth will be a fixed one.
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