another working week has begun

I dont like this time of year.  It was dark by 9pm last night.  It was dark at 7.30am and the summer holidays seem like a very distant memory.  Kids are back into there routine and so should I be.  Its cold, wet and thoroughly miserable weather wise.  My feet were killing me in work all day.  OMg, a sign of age when you consider going for foot comfort rather than style.  Okay a 4" wedge is perhaps a little excessive but how come I can wear them all day in my house but at work after 10mins I’m in pain.  The only difference in work is they have carpet.  Gggrr, I hate carpeted floors.  Nothing wrong with wooden flooring is there??
I think I got a migraine coming on.  I had a glass of wine with  dinner and now my head is beginning to throb.  I’m going to put this thing off before the aura kicks in.  Weird how my head begins to ache first and then the aura kicks in.  I think I need a holiday away from my children.  I would miss them and perhaps learn to appreciate there funny little ways and I would have some peace and quiet to myself.  Until the day I drive myself to meldown that will remain on my wishlist.
Business as usual tomorrow.  Just for today I’m  having lingering looks back to my child-free life.  Goodness I still know people of my age who remain child-free!!!   If only I had appreciated those days when I was living them ha.  Now I’m just a Mum with room for improvement and potential on the top shelf.  Go figure this life shit eh..
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