Nicotine monster

OMG.  The first day of no nicotine and its easy/hard.  Its all in the perspective I guess.  I have had no mood tantrums but its still early days for me.  I am full of determination that I will never smoke another cigarette.  I also have no doubt that I will have days when I will long for a ciggie.  Today I’m just feeling a little smug and pity for those who are still smoking.  I can’t smoke ever again and I am continually saying in my head I’ve given up nothing, I dont want a cigarette.  Its just my nicotine monster thats trying to trick my into having a puff.  I wont.  I just need to learn to enjoy the voice in my head.  I will survive and like it or not.  I have stopped smoking.  Life goes on and its all good. 
Nothing in life seems more important today than not smoking.  I have to remember I am doing this because I want to and no little voice in my head is going to change my mind.
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