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I missed this morning.  I’m going back to journal or at last trying to.  I want to see if it still works for me.  I struggle to write things in a way I never did before.  I dont know whether its age, the fact I’m a parent or whether I’ve grown apathetic o my own life.  Why worry about things today when you can just put them off.  Another tme will do.  Negate responsibility and forget that stuff matters.  Maybe I’m scared.  Maybe if I do write it’ll show up stuff that I would rather not deal with.  I guess thats ok.  I just wonder how many times in life I wont ask the questions that I know I should.
Maybe I’m needing to chuck my ipod?  Music.  I love my music and yet, despite changing it its just not movin me the same anymore.  Think I need a sleep.
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