Keeping it real

That means for me sitting in the corner of my sitting room with my face in a pc screen and ignoring my world of noise.  Thankfully I do once again have a screen with something on it.  I have been warned about backing everything up and I have.  Data sticks are superb aren’t they??  I have been finding the joy of poli-filler out.  Once my son had showed me how to load it into the gun I have been in a state of complete stupidity.  Everything that could possibly require filler has been filled and I love it.  Who would have thought that it could be so much fun, squeezing.  Okay my brain is travelling to somewhere I dont usually go to so I will leave the squeezing of filler out of a tube till I’m not in such a good silly mood.
I as every have some decorating thoughts in mind.  If I had blogged at all last week I would have shared about my son’s moan about his toilet.  Its a "tip" according to him.  Anyway the filler has done a fabulous job and its almost ready for paint.  I got some fabulous glass balls from ikea.  Nothing much just glass objects lol, they are the most delicious of colours.  A deep purple and that is going to be my toilet colour.  My son I think regrets opening his mouth.  Whilst the walls did have the odd hole it is currently a more "normal" colour.  Its cream.  Good old safe, boring cream.  I’m in a wakey phase so whilst my kitchen is screaming orange my toilet is about to be vibrant purple.  I so love my power.  I’m not looking forward to actually painting it but its going to get done and  no one else would, I will. 
My washing is up to date.  All the ironing has been done and put away and even my 2 ovens are clean.  I am excited to have a home pc again.  Laptops are great but in my home a tower is a requirement.  My music is a requirement.  As soon as I get my new system which is currently under construction I will sort another Media player.  It wont be the same as this one but things change at at least its still around.  This has a 512mb my new one will have double that and work off a 4gb ram.  It should be a pleasure to use.  This one has past its use by date and I’m looking forward to my new one.  What I lost I never looked at and I dont think looking back is a good thing, not for me.
living in light