Keeping it real

That means for me sitting in the corner of my sitting room with my face in a pc screen and ignoring my world of noise.  Thankfully I do once again have a screen with something on it.  I have been warned about backing everything up and I have.  Data sticks are superb aren’t they??  I have been finding the joy of poli-filler out.  Once my son had showed me how to load it into the gun I have been in a state of complete stupidity.  Everything that could possibly require filler has been filled and I love it.  Who would have thought that it could be so much fun, squeezing.  Okay my brain is travelling to somewhere I dont usually go to so I will leave the squeezing of filler out of a tube till I’m not in such a good silly mood.
I as every have some decorating thoughts in mind.  If I had blogged at all last week I would have shared about my son’s moan about his toilet.  Its a "tip" according to him.  Anyway the filler has done a fabulous job and its almost ready for paint.  I got some fabulous glass balls from ikea.  Nothing much just glass objects lol, they are the most delicious of colours.  A deep purple and that is going to be my toilet colour.  My son I think regrets opening his mouth.  Whilst the walls did have the odd hole it is currently a more "normal" colour.  Its cream.  Good old safe, boring cream.  I’m in a wakey phase so whilst my kitchen is screaming orange my toilet is about to be vibrant purple.  I so love my power.  I’m not looking forward to actually painting it but its going to get done and  no one else would, I will. 
My washing is up to date.  All the ironing has been done and put away and even my 2 ovens are clean.  I am excited to have a home pc again.  Laptops are great but in my home a tower is a requirement.  My music is a requirement.  As soon as I get my new system which is currently under construction I will sort another Media player.  It wont be the same as this one but things change at at least its still around.  This has a 512mb my new one will have double that and work off a 4gb ram.  It should be a pleasure to use.  This one has past its use by date and I’m looking forward to my new one.  What I lost I never looked at and I dont think looking back is a good thing, not for me.
living in light


I have been in hiding.  Actually I have decided to change my name to Carla since people have started saying I am the spitting image of Carla out of Corrie.  Not being a TV fan I cant comment.  However 3 people today told me at different times that I am her double so she must be a looker lol..
I am having some major hard-drive issues on my home pc.  I am losing my hard-drive due to a virus invasion and there’s nothing that can be done.  I’m hoping it can be saved long enough for me to remove my 23days worth of music, my photos and 8yrs worth of journals.  I would mention Mr beans tax returns but any fool who entrusts me to keep anything safe is an even bigger fool than me for not backing everything up.
I’m gutted that my pc is fkd.  I blame the kids but honestly, I should have taken better care of it.  Laptops are available but they just aren’t the same for me so I avoid to the extent that I havent been online all week.  I have no time to read anything but heh ho, all my unread books are stored where?  My home pc.  How silly to have so much stuff on a home computer.  No, I am dumb no backup has ever been created.  No music, no photos and no important documents have ever been copied.
On the plus.  My new laptop is ready when ever I want it.  I have the cash to buy a new pc but I liked the quirks of my old one.  Its a bit like me and my constant jingling.  I dont do it on purpose but somehow; , I always seem to be making a noise, just like my tower.   My positive is I do have the opportunity to start again.  I can open a clean fresh page.  I can listen to music with old ears but music not quite the same.  One of my friends told me last night.  I cant change everything.  I live in Carbrain not Hollywood,.  Trust a man to state the obvious lol.    I do have an opportunity to start again with a clean, fresh pc.  Thats a start.  Everything else that needs changed I can do so at my leisure.
I will catch up on blogs eventually.  Eventually will hit.  I just dont know when..
Light is still shining

80’s Music

I loved.  I cant help that I really am an 80’s chick.  I dont tell many that, they would think I was insane.  Anyway I woke up this morning with a track thats over 25yrs old in my head.  Dont look down by Go West lol.  So it playing on my Media Player, pouring around my room from my sub woofers and my neighbours I hope were awake already.  Have a great day.

If wishes were weeds…

Well I have neither wishes or weeds.  I do need to lose 6lbs so thats my target for next week.  I’m going out and have bought a scarlet bustier top.  I’m not sure what I was thinking about but a top with stainless steel bones was perhaps not the greatest of ideas.  So the 6lbs will allow me to actually breathe.  I think its a throwback to wearing black 6 days a week now.  Whenever I go out I go like a different woman.  I wear bright stuff.  Ah well,  I’m here on earth just this once.  I’m not into blending and I do prefer to stand out.  Bustier top will get my noticed lol..
So Cumbernauld has sunshine?  A bright day with no sign of rain.  The new housing estate thats been built up our road is almost complete.  Its called, well, same as my road and I nearly typed it haha.  It has a mixture of house sizes.  When I went up to see it I had a pang of envy.  It does have a few 5 bed houses but 1 extra bedroom would make little difference.  I did think about moving but at least in this house we have options if we need to hide.  A terrace house I just dont see working for me.  Over the last couple of years I have invested time into this one so?  The pany of envy was just that, a pang.
Well, house shit to be done and I may actually manage to get some washing out today. 
Living in light

I dont – didnt ever

Like Ultravox.  I’m a music sponge.  Mention a band or track  & I walk about with it all day in my head.  Midge Ure has a great voice but Ultravox?  Not my personal taste.  My music today was the Stereophonics, Handbags & gladrags (sponges, Enjoy!!!) Okay, moving on.  Work is so very busy currently.  I’m excited every morning as I open up.  Takings have increased by almost 100% this week.
So its Friday night.  I have every track of Nickelback downloaded and an oven or 2 that need cleaned.  Work tomorrow so its a quick dye the hair job and early to bed for me.  For all who party like its a Friday,.  Enjoy.
Living in happy light

Late nights dont mix with early mornings

Glasgow.  It aint the same as it used to be.  We did go out but ended back at my mates house.  Its incredible entering a child-free zone.  Cream carpets with a cream leather sofa.  Not a speck in sight.  Even her toilet is spotless.  O how I enjoyed my moment of envy before I remembered.  I get fun, laughter and a great time with my messy brood.  Put them up agianst a clean sterile place and they win.  I will keep my messy, insane lot. 
I did take a bottle of chardonnay.  We were giggling our way through it till I realised, it was alcohol free.  Who noticed.  It proves the point you dont need to get steaming drunk to have fun.  I didnt get home till 1am.  Bless but Ja was waiting at the door to get in.  I did feel tired when I got up at 6am.  The joys of old age eh??  I’m tired so off to bed.
light on

Always Hope

My daughter Hope is usually a delight.  In the morning she ges ready for school with no complaints.  This morning she was whining about a sore stomach.  I thought that was code for she hadn’t done her homework.  Homework done and she is given medicine.  She did go to school her usual happy self so I went to work.  I thought no more about it.  I’m in work alone and my mobile buzzes.  Hope had been sent home from school.  She had been at her desk less than 10mins.  She did try to catch her teachers eye but too late.  Vomit attack hit her homework and most of the surrounding desk.  The janitor appeared and cleaned up the mess.  A phone call and her Dad has her in the car and home in less than 3mins.  She settles on a sofa, him on other and sleepyland was visited for both of them.
Work was a boring place today.  Only 3 staff and since I had re-stocked before anyone else had arrived all I had to do was the banking and try and sort the rota for my Christmas leave.  Not an easy task.  One day off and I returned to chaos.  It appears that my job may look easy when in fact its a little more technical than any of them realised.  i have to balance on a daily basis and set my targets accordingly.  No one wants to touch the cash.  Every time the takings are off suspicion raises its head and no one wants to take responsibility for it.  I long since let go of any responsibility so I dont worry about it.  That takes practice.  Maybe during the festive period I could go in every other day and do my banking and accounts.  Not ideal but I dread what will happen if I dont. 
I’m feeling really tired today.  My arms are still aching and my head is banging.  I’m off out to Glasgow for a natter with my best friend.  Whenever I get an SOS text from her I just know whats wrong.  Ita a man.  It wont even be a worthy man but I do have ears and I do at least listen.  I fail to see or understand why any human in there 40’s would still want/desire to buy into the everlasting love’s out there bullshit.  Its ticking boxes that count, not love.  Suitability of a partner should not ever come down to love, thats a disaster waiting to happen.  Cynical or realistic, its my view.  Dating should be fun and uncomplicated.  Let in that emotion and frankly, your fucked.  At least we both have work tomorrow so will stay sober.  I’m hoping that we can at least have some peace from the drunks who just dont understand why we dont get that they’re god’s gift.  Drunken Glasweign men just dont get it.  Whenever we go out the drunks come out to play too.
living in light