Hogmanay is here

Its tradition here.  In asda this morning everyone was buying the bottleof whisky, shortbread & the necessary black bun.  I have friends who just dont get how traditional a country Scotland is.  When I was growing up you had to organise your first foot weeks in advance. The first person through your door after midnight brought good or bad luck so it was important to pick wisely.  You werent even allowed out the house until you had a first foot but thats one thing I dont follow with.
We clean everything. The windows are washed, inside and out.  Just before midnight every bit of rubbish has to be removed from the house. Leaving it free to welcome the New year in through the open window.  Absurd but true. We Scots know how to welcome a year.  I’m not sure why but New Year is a bigger thing here than christmas.
One tradition I do uphold is staying drink free until the stroke of midnight.  Then we raise a glass of whisky to those who have gone from our lives.  By that I mean dead not just fkd off.  I believe in heaven so that makes me smile and with a sigh we move on.  The new year is a fresh new book, not just a page.  Full of potential.  The end of hogmanay heralds amnesty for those who crapped on us.  I like to think as the old year leaves so does all the hurt and anger caused throughout the old year.  I always enter a New Year full of positive hope.  Its a whole new game for those who play with all bets cancelled lol..
Hogmanay is a clearing day.  Clearing the house and mind. For me its also archiving my 2009 journal. Start again tomorrow.
I wish you all a happy new yr
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