its a plan

Whilst cleaning up after dinner I realised that I have a large cupboard in my kitchen that could be put to better use.  When I moved out a tumble drier to another walk in cupboard outside my kitchen i put a cupboard in its place.  That quickly became my laundry cupboard.  Thats great and it works well but I have to question why.  If I had gotten better organised I wouldnt need a laundry cupboard.  Is it to much to expect that I actually get on top of the washing and reclaim my cupboard.  Why is the washing  not done when it arrives instead of being stock piled??  I hate anything but my kettle and large butchers block on my worktops.  Because of the space issues I have my coffee maker and deep fat fryer on my worktop as well.  That makes me screw my nose up.  If I got the laundry cupboard cleared I could shelve it and store the items I dont use.  Happy mummy and cleared worktops.
At least my brain is formatting a plan for my 40 days of internet free time.  I will clear my coat closet and I may even get brave and do my own cupboard.  Alas the bathroom & toilet have remained spotless as have the kids and my own bedroom so not much to be done except the stuff that can’t be seen but still annoys me.  I sometimes wonder how other folks manage to have spotless homes.  I get that I am a fab planner its the follow through that bores me.  I need to unbore myself I think.  The kids know i like everything put in its place.  The trouble with that is there can be four times the amount of stuff to go in the space and thats where I fall down.  Too many coats, too many shoes and too many of everything.
I better go put the washing machine on I think..
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