its a plan

Whilst cleaning up after dinner I realised that I have a large cupboard in my kitchen that could be put to better use.  When I moved out a tumble drier to another walk in cupboard outside my kitchen i put a cupboard in its place.  That quickly became my laundry cupboard.  Thats great and it works well but I have to question why.  If I had gotten better organised I wouldnt need a laundry cupboard.  Is it to much to expect that I actually get on top of the washing and reclaim my cupboard.  Why is the washing  not done when it arrives instead of being stock piled??  I hate anything but my kettle and large butchers block on my worktops.  Because of the space issues I have my coffee maker and deep fat fryer on my worktop as well.  That makes me screw my nose up.  If I got the laundry cupboard cleared I could shelve it and store the items I dont use.  Happy mummy and cleared worktops.
At least my brain is formatting a plan for my 40 days of internet free time.  I will clear my coat closet and I may even get brave and do my own cupboard.  Alas the bathroom & toilet have remained spotless as have the kids and my own bedroom so not much to be done except the stuff that can’t be seen but still annoys me.  I sometimes wonder how other folks manage to have spotless homes.  I get that I am a fab planner its the follow through that bores me.  I need to unbore myself I think.  The kids know i like everything put in its place.  The trouble with that is there can be four times the amount of stuff to go in the space and thats where I fall down.  Too many coats, too many shoes and too many of everything.
I better go put the washing machine on I think..
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Pancake tuesday

Got to love it.  We will be making pancakes later.  I have developed an annoying habit before I go to bed.  I have to make sure no dishes are left undone.  Not a cup in sight and then I clean my 3 sinks in my house.  Its a weird one.  I have checked through the day that my 2 toilets are clean and I’m happy.  Clean toilets and sinks??  I think its avoidance.  If I make sure little things are gleaming I can pretent that behind my coat closet and my cupboard are clean.  yeh like that frequently happens doesnt it.  Ah well.  My 6 weeks without internet are approaching which should free up loads of time to do all the cleaning and decluttering thats required.  I am leaving access to my bank but thats an essential for me.  I wont be trogging through ebay or anywhere else, just my 2 banks but I’m allowing that. 
Unusually I have to take my kids for there ashes tomorrow.  Ash Wednesday has never before fallen on a school holiday so school usually deals with that.  I normally go to the 7pm mass on my own so tomorrow I expect mass to be busy.  Bet its not though.  Kids beginning to rumble so better go and I get to check how many cups have been used this morning.  I can see at least 2.  Ok I am drinking out one of them but is it too difficult to take a cup downstairs????
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Mushi Monsters

It appears to be a harmless fun game kids play online.  Nothing really happens, my kids used to just chat to school friends.  Today i discovered my 9yr old has a friend whom I’m not quite sure about but its got me thinking.  Am I just the suspicious type or could someone really be taking the p*ss about there age or gender??  This person said they were 13yrs old.  They started immediately to ask personal question like where he lived, did he have a gf and added some text abb that to me were way beyond there years.  I have reported them and blocked them but its with a sigh I know i will have to monitor them more closely in future.  They have lots of friends and what if they are suspect and other parents dont look or asked about what there kids are up to??  It doesnt bare thinking about for me, but I do.
It did open up the conversation to people aren’t always what they say they are (goodness even us adults get sucked in on that one).  How there info should be kept to themselves and whilst most people are decent there are those who arent and they should be cautious about chatting to people they dont know in the real world.  They all seemed to understand but now i’m going to have to be sitting on there shoulders watching what they’re doing.  I blame the sick few for that.  Okay I’m off to do something mind numbing since dinner is over, dishes are washed, tumble drier is on and I’ve ran out of washing powder I cant do any more. 
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Desert Island

In work yesterday we were trying to figure out what 3 things we would take if we were stranded on a desert island.  Ok, firstly if you did know would you not aviod the whole situation? and take more than 3 essential items?  People who just rush in and give a list should really think these things through.
Anyway, I’m not going.  I couldnt get my list to 3 things.  I would say silly things.  My mascara & lip pencil are essentials but so are my cigs & lighter.  O and my ipod but how would I charge it?  O and my Yorkie mug cos I cant drink out of anything else.  I would get lonely so my pink rabbit called ted would have to come since I’ve had it since the day I was born.  A photo of my children (that maybe should have been higher up the list).  Not forgetting the eye cream for the bags and hair remover for the tash (which I dont have btw).  Sod it, might as well throw in the hair dye and a mirror (that should be top of the list!!).  Paper and pen cos I couldnt last without writing and if Wi-Fi is available a laptop, obviously.  Nail varnish in black because I hate exposed toe nails.  I have only seen mine briefly in the last 20yrs when having operations, tho why you need to remove it I never quite got, my circulation is fine before someone hits me with the answer.  I wouldnt need money so could forget my purse.  Food wouldnt be a major issue for me so whatever I could find  would be fine.  Im not big on Tv so would be cool without.  Towels for drying myself.  2 changes of clothes.  Thats in line with my mothers 1 on, 1 clean and 1 in the wash.  When I was a kid I had 3 outfits only.  (explains my own childrens high volume of clothes, 1 of my small issues).  A few of my favourite books.  Actually if I could ship my bookcase that would be fab.  Thats covering my list I think.  I would take my betablocker but I would presume there would be a chemist readily on tap for all requirements.  I would also think a doctor would be somewhere around.  The idea of Lost appeals to me but since I haven’t seen it since series 2 I’m not sure hows thats turned out.
So an island and me just wouldnt get along.  I wish all you loved up things a happy Valentines day.  I hope your partner is equally loved up or at least good at faking it.  Im off to have my final cup of coffee for the day.  I hate peppermint tea but lots of things are sent to try us right??  Parents, sibling, children, partners past & present, friends, work mates.  Think I’m in a making lists zone haha.  Enjoy your day.
Light on happily

High expectations

Since Lent is fast approaching I decided I had better spend my £100+ birthday money.  I was taking back my sisters gift anyway so headed to the jewellers beside my work.  I exchanged the bangle for a gold one and picked up a couple of gold rings.  That shop should give me a discount just for being a frequent flier lol..
Its hard to believe the amount of women in this country who will be receiving tesco roses tomorrow.  I would personally stick them up his arse if a man bought me supermarket flowers.  Sorry but please.
Work today and it went quickly.  I had forgotten how much fun working on a Saturday is.
Not much to type.  Maybe I’m winding down before I depart for lent.  I missed some stuff I should have bought today but thats life.  Replaced my make-up, stocked up on my hair dye.  Essential stuff that wont be essential next week.  Its not cheating btw.  Make-up and hair dye are essentials in my world.  I’m just not sure I could justify them during lent.  I think I need to add something else to my lent list, I’m just not sure what  I know a lot give up booze or fags.  I’m not bothered by booze and fags?  Nah, it’d kill me giving up.  I maybe need to do something spiritual.  I’m just not sure what.  I know many people try to be more charitable, more forgiving or more kind but I’m okay already with those things.
Hhmm,.  Maybe I should be more forgiving of myself, of others.  I’m sure it’ll come to me.
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I can listen

Trouble is no one listens to me.  I have told my children repeatedly dont make a mess in the bathroom.  An hour spent in there and I get it; they dont.  We had urine on the toilet seat & floor,  poo up the wall, on the floor, shelf.  Only place it wasnt was in the toilet bowl.  OMG.  My youngest child is almost 6yrs old and yet shit is appearing in places that only I seem to be able to see.  The slightest thing makes me sick and I was.  So rubber gloves time and my mind drifts.  A cleaner.  I so need a cleaner.  My brain thinks that whilst they dont seem to care what I think of them or there disgusting habts they would care about someone else thinking they’re rank.
The consequence to my visit to the bathroom is a very bad mood.  I have bellowed till I can shout no more.  Maybe they ae trying to gross me out on purpose but I am really fed up with them all.  I still have 2 in there school uniforms despite the school week being over.  I neither have the inclination or the desire to bother washing there stuff.  Its pointless doing anything for them.  Mass mess and distruction seems to follow them.
At this point I would usually start thinking its me and not them.  Its not.  Its not me and it is them.  Its with impending doom that I realise they are off school for 6 days and I’m off work.  Perhaps in that time they may actually have wised up to the fact that I am not playing.  No Tv and no supper.  I am tired of playing..
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Family meetings

are my thing.  Whenever something is having an effect on my family I call an emergency family meeting.  So we discussed the need for more order with my working hours and more help with putting the laundry away.  I have bought 6 wardrobes in the last couple of weeks and I could fill them with the washing I have just piled on my kitchen tables.  Work has been sorted.  I dont like "telling" staff what to do.  I’m more effective when making suggestions but today I told them if they’re going to miss a shift they should text the day before rather than on the morning, that way I can at least try and cover it.  I have given notice, I am off tomorrow to take 2 of my sons to the doctor.
My youngest daughter had her communion dress delivered from the States this morning.  I dont like the dress but she does.  Its very plain and not what I had in mind for Hope at all but since her hair will be over the top and a full lenght veil i will live with it i guess.  So its been tried on and stashed in a wardrobe not to be mentioned till its required.  A marriage of mixed faith seemed a good idea at the time but its a pain when it comes to sacraments.  My view now is a mixed faith marriage, whatever the faiths are only work if both are tolerant.  Never quite managed that in my world.  I am a Roman Catholic and so are all my children.  Those who dont like it have to suck it up with a wide straw I’m afraid.
So tonight is a duvet night.  Like sleeping in my sitting room is novel for me lol.  I’ve been in here for over a week now.  Anyway I had promised my eldest daughter a duvet night; even put it in my diary so tonight is the night for her watching as many episodes as friends as she can and for me to be falling asleep.  American crap is just that, crap.
Next week is the beginning of lent.  I am doing my usual giving up non essential shopping.  Thats getting not only boring but quite easy.  I am also giving up the internet this year.  6 weeks without should give me plenty of time for quiet contemplation.  I’m sure thats what they call it.  My words would be personal torture but it was either that or my fags and sorry, its easier to give this up.  I’m kinda looking forward to stepping out of spaces.  Both the writing and the reading.  I’m hoping that when I get back and start typing again the only things that will have changed are those that should lol..
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