Magic wand time

Earlier this month I put my kids on lockdown.  This was following a visit from a rather superior woman who lives just across from me.  Despite having 3 children of her own she just isn’t kid friendly.  Certainly not kids who think and talk for themselves.  She once called my children animals in front of 2nd son.  I did wait until my son was out of ear shot before I threatened her & I meant it.  Superior woman I just dont like.  She’s one of those women who gives off attitude with no substance.  Anyway last time she appeared at my door following her daughter damaging a lovely audi parked outside I told her to find somewhere else to live since everyone here is on the rough side & not to her liking.  I would point out I was not at the door but talking out a window.  Person who answered the door did tell her that at least my teenager knew how to conduct himself unlike hers who’s a tart who wears her skirts up her arse (we Glasweigns can be so common, I know).  Anyway, given this is true she walked away.  She walked away calling me a slut under her breath.  At the time I wasnt told this.  A slut??
Well her removal van arrived.  I was leaving so thought I would give a parting shot.  Me a slut?  How many children do you have 3 to how many fathers 3.  How many times have you been married?  None.  How often do you have a new boyfriend?  Frequently.  Only reason she’s lucky with men is because there’s so many chubby chasers in this town and she’s grateful.  She was told how much I pity her.  Her life is so empty the only focus for her is other children who are allowed out to enjoy themselves.  Does she work?  No, easier to claim benefit.  Does she do anything in this community?  Nah, too easy to give something back.  I’m not above anyone but I like sitting on my pedestal.  I’m not lowering myself.  How cool is it that less than a month ago I told her to move and this clever old world moved enough to shift her haha.
So tonight my little noisy kids are out having fun without the worry of a scowling face watching there every move.  I have my 6 new porcelain teeth.  Have managed to eat a salmon fillet.  I’m just thankful I’m not a meat eater.  I honestly dont know how people manage to eat anything with mouthfulls of plastic teeth.  The sad thing is none of my kids noticed until I mentioned it.  I feel is if my mouth is full of stuff.  From the inside I look like jaws but I have them and they’re not moving.  I just hope I get used to them.  Didnt manage to work today.  i’m making this weird noise when I pronounce "s".  I’m big on articulation or as much as any glasweign is lol.  Until it goes away I’m off work.  Going to work tomorrow then.
I’ve still got the calm feeling.  I have been up since 4am with foot cramp so I’m beginning to feel a little tired.  I’ve been smiling all day.  People in my town are so nice.  Smile and they smile back.  Its been a beautiful day.
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