It feels like I havent been near a pc for a while.  Broken armed child has adapted so well that I’m thinking of sending him back to school soon.  He can do most things unaided.  Only thing he cant manage is to feed himself well.  I could hopefully get him back for the morning at least.  He’s got us all demented.  He can now write and use the pc’s.  He gets which means the others get and my annoyance is through the roof with childrens demands.  Mental note to self, become firmer, quickly.
I had asked my eldest to straighten up my canvas in my kitchen.  I had knocked against it whilst cleaning the skirting board and hadnt realised.  Its such a small stupid thing but did he do it?  Did he fk.  So my rath is on.  Typical Sunday morning in Jacqui’s kingdom.  Put the pots away from last night.  How come I manage to find the pot cupboard and stack them away.  I get up on a Sunday morning and 3 are sitting on my drainer.  O worse, there is 1 still on my cooker top.  How can you clean a cooker top and not notice there’s a pot of food on it?  Perhaps its a just in case someone wants more noodles?  Perhaps the kids have developed a taste for gloop and no one’s told me or perhaps, and this is my choice they’re all lazy bastards who leave everything at there arses.  Rath anyone??  I dislike lazy men, can you tell.  I find disrespect an irritation and I think leaving stuff for others to tidy is disrespectful and rude.
My daughter Hope was invited to have dinner with a little friend on Friday night.  I did tell her top be helpful.  She asked her friends Mum if she could set the table.  Mum replies yes.  Hope asks where the placemats are.  Friends mum said she didnt use them.  Hope asked where the napkins are kept.  Again they dont use them.  Do you use cutlery or dont you bother with that either asked my daughter.  Bless little children.  I did get asked how I could be bothered setting the table for 8 every night, placemats, napkins, glasses and all but its just the way I do things so think I maybe should say to my kids we dont all eat at the table never mind have more than cutlery..
Today has went well so far.  Sitting room is tidy.  Kitchen has been tidied.  Neither of which should have require anything more than a dustpan and brush but heh, its all good.  I have also washed my hall floor.  The toilet is needing cleaned.  Took my finger off that pulse on Thursday and havent ventured in since.  3 kids have had a sickness bug and I’m still recovering from the smell of vomit.  Its like when they were little and everything smelt of talc, only worse.  I might find something to do today, perhaps sleep till Sunday is over.  I just cant seem to do a good Sunday.  Its because it follows Saturday and I know the tidying awaits me.
O  & I was in a happy mood yesterday.  Wandering the aisles of Asda on my own I had a good mood for one going on.  Walking towards me is the guy from school I have mentioned.  His face was like thunder.  I tried to just look away.  My days for confrontation from moody men are long gone.  Look back and he’s still looking, just staring.  You know that look a guy gives when the lightbulb comes on and he remembers something you have long forgotten?  I dont remember anything except, no I dont remember anything.  I did the get out his way maneouvre and it worked. 
I am going to try getting a good vibe.  Its not looking good for today.  Tomorrow kids are off school so not looking good for then either.  Its in my to do file and it’ll get here.
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