Nope, wasnt me

Its easy to hijack an email account.  I have no idea how to do it but since everytime I step away from a pc it happens it must be.  I did laugh at the idea of me paying out for a Blackberry.  Seriously???  Ok did anyone fall for that.  I have had my geek check out my email account & since no one would guess my password I have no idea how they get access. 
AnywaY, I’m back.  I had a good time.  Got a good dose of sunburn with no walking.  A good lot of shopping, always good and vast amounts of crisps, always good.  I did however have to return to the pit I call home.  I dont pack until the morning I’m leaving so had left huge amounts of clothes in every room.  The plus is my caravan or rather his has been left like a new pin.  If only I could leave all children there I would have a chance of getting my house to the same standard.  Never going to happen.
I havent missed work.  I have kinda missed the texts but after the first day I stopped noticing.  One text from my pal about the hoax email and I got nothing.  I could have felt sorry for myself but the crisps I ate lifted my mood lol.. 
Well, its Saturday and my big sisters birthday.  48 sounds like a horrible age, fast approaching but since its her birthday and not mine, its all good.  Im off to wrap a load of presents.  If they person who hacked my email account could clear some of the 17,000 unread messages that would be fantastic.
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Got my dose of fun this morning at work.  I had went with a short sleeve top on only to discover when I took my jacket off that one of my arms is badly bruised and since I didnt want to appear like an abused woman had to quickly nip and buy a new long sleeved one.  How did I get bruised?  Youngest son.  On throwing a major tantrum yesterday I was sitting way to close to him and he kicked my arm rather too hard.  I shrug and say my fault for sitting to close to him.  His fault for being annoyed but we both lived and we shall learn.  I tend to let the youngest away with far to much.  He does punch and kick way harder than any other 6yr old but hes been conditioned by his teenage brother.  I blame play fighting which has always been allowed in my home and not by me.  Thug in waiting me thinks.  He does save his best moves for me.  My I’m blessed.
So, my lesson for today is make sure I have ironed something long sleeved for tomorrow so I dont need to stress in the morning.  I was tired last night and just had a shower and went to bed without looking out my clothes for this morning.  Kids clothes are ironed before they get put away.  By the time I get to my washing I’m just thankfull I can hide it in my wardrobes without ironing it(I’m so ashamed lol..).
Work was quiet and fine.  I’m having next week off so that I can enjoy the torture of caravan life.  God, I hate caravanning.  At least its all on one level and kids are taken out every day to do that walking thing that I dont share so I get lots of peace and boredom, oops quiet.  Good job I like reading eh.  Im being petty.  The kids all have a fabulous time and my attitude has always been not whats good for me but whats good for the family comes first but caravanning would not be my first choice. 
Anyway I lost my whirly thingy for drying washing when my garden was turfed.  I did have 3 washing lines but thanks to a football I’m down to 2 so I’m doing an impression of a breathless yo-yo with my washing.  Im off out to yo-yo.  Hope your day is running smoothly..
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Things about me

I was typing with someone this afternoon.  Someone I have known virtually for a few yrs.  She went to make a cup of tea and I had a lightbulb moment.  I know many things about her.  Some I should know and some I shouldnt.  Anyway, I have no idea what she takes in her tea.  I dont know what many people take in there tea, I dont do normal tea so no need to ask me.
So I drink mugs of coffee.  Not cheap coffee.  I take it mid strength with skimmed milk.  If no skimmed I pass.  I also drink Twinnings peppermint tea to excess.  I drink any white wine but mix it with stella.  If no stella any beer will do.  I hate the taste of wine on it own.  I drink vodka with iron bru, same with gin although I will take tonic.  My fav drink is pernod & irn bru but thats my taste and I dont expect anyone else to like it.  I dont drink on my own unless I’m upset so I never drink alone.  O and my fav snack is crisps.  Has to be cheese & onion but since I sleep alone not a problem.  I dont eat choc except at christmas and I hate tomatoe sauce, I seriously hate tomatoe sauce. 
Well, today is winding down.  The kids have all been bathed.  Washing is up to date & I have nothing that needs put away.
Im off to put my earphones in and hope I can survive till bedtime.
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If someone was to

Type the confessions of marrieds I wonder how many would have clean hands.  I tell my eldest when he wants to comment on anything to make sure he has clean hands before he points his finger at anyone,.  I think having affairs isn’t easy.  The first would be full of guilt.  The morality would hit.  The deception would kill & if one got away with it they would never do it again.   I’m wagging my own finger now.  Ok, never admit to it either but thats another blog lol..
I was reading a book last week.  Think it was called Mr Maybe, not a book of any interest but one of the characters at the end came out with something along the lines of I think I must really love you because when I wake up your the first thing on my mind & when I go to sleep your the last.  I felt really sad at that.  Like someone had smacked me.  All my dreams had come to nothing and I hadnt even noticed.  I spent the next couple of days sulking over that one thing, read in a hurry.  I paid attention to my first thought which was a nothing.  My last thoughts I call my candy dreams & I dont share them.  Enough to say they are nothing to do with anyone who is part of my life, just my sleepy thoughts.
So what does love have to do with anything?  It gives heartache when your young and indifference when your old.  Communication ends at the front door of marriage and hopes and dreams go that way to.  We become parents and our priorities change or should they.  I wouldnt have an affair, flirting is ok but nothing more.  I dont think its decent.  If a relationship isnt working its better to end it than start an add on.   That view suits me.  I dont need any type of anything from anyone else.  Mr Maybe girl was doing that searching for someone and she had a list of preferred qualities.  Fk me if most dont but I think we should all just do a list for ourselves.  Keep ourselves happy and happy will follow.  We all have the capacity to be happy and satisfied so how come so few are..
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Its a holiday weekend here.  The Glasgow fair (not sure why its called that) is here which means an extra day onto the weekend.  It also means rain and lots of it.  Its typical to have rain on Fair Fri and Mon I would just prefer if there wasnt quite so much of it.  So weekend has been and gone.  Thats how much I’m going to type about that one lol.  Except on Saturday night I rediscovered 80’s music via you tube.  I sat up until almost 1am with earphones in thinking what fab music there was.  Sad but true.  Revisiting music is a wonderful way to pass time.  Ok maybe not on a Saturday night and not alone but so much gave a happy vibe at the time that its hard not to smile.  The 80’s I lived through as an almost adult, I think.  Fun times.
Ok so now that middle age is here the music doesnt sound quite so good but you tube can be visited often.  Kids are kicking off so I am too.
Enjoy the week

swings and roundabouts

Work was busy today.  3  teenage new starts and its beginning to look like a teenage drop in centre.  I love teenagers.  I always think its nice to have them around, might just be me though.  The ones I dont need to take home are always welcome in my world.  Ah and my lapdog teenager wasnt in today.  Suddenly gay guy wants to talk to me again.  Weird but he did ask where my lapdog was and made a big deal about how he’s always around me.  Maybe I should feel uncomfortable about that but I have a teenager of my own and the Mum in me is always around.  I had thought gay man was trying to say something but since he didnt left it at that.
Its nice to be nice isnt it.  The budding romance has ran out of steam.  The guy was too full on and the lady didnt know quite what to do.  He was already planning to show her off to family & friends and it all proved to be to much for her.  Thankfully they have decided to cool it except they are intending to meet up again when we have the night out, now next week.  Maybe my hair will need washed.  I dont want to go lol.
Well just thought I would stop by in a quiet moment.
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Give a bit, take a bit

Work is a confusing place.  The guy I asked if he was gay came back.  He’s not really talking to me & if I ask a question gives the briefest of answers and nothing more.  I dont talk to him unless I need to since he’s being chilly.  One of the new starts is a lot like my eldest son.  He’s only 19yrs old but funny & I like him.  He follows me about but since I’m the one who started him I dont have a problem with that.  He does what hes told and doesnt annoy anyone.  We both went out for a cig today and the gay one made a comment about newbie being my lapdog saying hes always beside me??  I’m slightly confused as to why that would annoy anyone and I’m slightly irked by it.  Moving on.  The new couple have made themselves a couple way before they should have.  The female hasn’t appeared this wk.  She did text me on Sunday which in itself is a problem cos then its left to me to cover her shifts.  This morning I didnt even get a text.  The male told me she wasnt coming in and again I was left to cover the shift grr.
The night out planned isnt happening.  Big sigh of relief.  One of the others has family arriving from England and it would be rude to up and leave them.  I dont fancy going out with any of them so will leave it at that.  Think when its mentioned again I will just go to vague and ignore the suggestions.  Gay guy doesnt get out and since I do if I dont go he will.  He needs a night out more than I do.  I’ve got friends..
Home life is going along as it should.  Boring…
I need a day off.   I had planned to take tomorrow off but the only other key holder that can be relied upon has a hospital app so he cant and since couple half with key hasnt contacted I’m going to assume she wont be in.  Whisper it but I dont trust them anyway lol..  I’ve got a really strange vibe going on currently and I dont know where its coming from.  The couple have gotten into the habit of texting ever night for hours and I’m flashing a big warning sign.  If the shit hits the fan thats a habit that’ll hurt to break.  I used to text Noddy over 1000 a month and missing that was something it took a while to get over.  I’m cured now but its unhealthy to fill your time with someone else.  Hopefully its just the newness of it all and it’ll pass.  Hell, I’m not eithers mother so its not my worry.  I feel like I’m having an awful week for no reason other than I am.  Ah well, it’ll pass.  It always does.
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