Nope, wasnt me

Its easy to hijack an email account.  I have no idea how to do it but since everytime I step away from a pc it happens it must be.  I did laugh at the idea of me paying out for a Blackberry.  Seriously???  Ok did anyone fall for that.  I have had my geek check out my email account & since no one would guess my password I have no idea how they get access. 
AnywaY, I’m back.  I had a good time.  Got a good dose of sunburn with no walking.  A good lot of shopping, always good and vast amounts of crisps, always good.  I did however have to return to the pit I call home.  I dont pack until the morning I’m leaving so had left huge amounts of clothes in every room.  The plus is my caravan or rather his has been left like a new pin.  If only I could leave all children there I would have a chance of getting my house to the same standard.  Never going to happen.
I havent missed work.  I have kinda missed the texts but after the first day I stopped noticing.  One text from my pal about the hoax email and I got nothing.  I could have felt sorry for myself but the crisps I ate lifted my mood lol.. 
Well, its Saturday and my big sisters birthday.  48 sounds like a horrible age, fast approaching but since its her birthday and not mine, its all good.  Im off to wrap a load of presents.  If they person who hacked my email account could clear some of the 17,000 unread messages that would be fantastic.
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