Under pressure

it would appear my youngest doesnt perform well under pressure.  On the first day back at school he failed to recognise the "qu" sound and only scored 6 out of twenty when it came to recognising his common words.  Typically when I got out the flashcards he got them all right.  Anyway the revision homework will last a fortnight and the extra support from the teacher that the other call the dafty’s support will continue.  i have started to bribe the kids with haribo sweets if they do extra homework.  they have all reacted very enthusiastically, except youngest.  on the positive my 10yr old has seen a big improvement in his work & even his teachers impressed.
Some of the kids have a cold.  It was only a matter of time before I got it and I have.  Im a bit of a man when ill.  I want to lie down, have everyone feel sorry for me and not have to deal with anything or anyone.  nice idea but there is an obvious flaw, I’m a woman and have to keep going, regardless.  Work is being difficult.  arrogant men are competing for the top slot and whilst I find it amusing I do have to remind them that position just doesnt exist.  Im half hoping our appraiser actually walks and we can replace him with someone a little less ego driven.
My nieghbourhood is quiet.  partly because the kids are back at school and partly because our weather is crap.  sunshine and showers all week but it keeps us guessing.  its actually turned so cold that i’ve had to put my heating on.  might just be me though.  i have a banging headache a nose that rudolf would be proud of and a rasping cough that hurts like hell.
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