O its been a tough time.  Today was landlord house inspection, retail director visited work and I had a meeting with my priest whom I havent seen since May so a pretty filled day for me.  When I wakened up I had a serious knot in my stomach.  Every room ended up being cleaned and the paint was either touched up or completely re-done (3 bedrooms).  Duvet covers were bought and changed, towels where staged and my realistic pet rat was put on top of my toilet radiator.  It got to the stage where I felt I couldnt functon anymore.  I couldnt clean anymore and I was totally knackered.
My hair hadnt been dyed for wks and I’m ashamed to type the grey was evident for all that looked at me.  Strangely I didnt give a fk (sorry but my brain has caught swear words from a woman at work).  The perfectonist in me kept going until I hit the girls room.  The mother of god would have needed extra patience for my daughters room.  There washing took 4 black bags and I did revert to hiding it in my garden shed but honestly  I didnt have the time or the energy to do it.  Anyway it was indeed my landlord.  He arrived early, I suspect hoping no one was home but  Mr Bean and a sick daughter were.  I had left a list of all kids DOB but 11yr old is smart and managed to give them.  My house passed with a wow look at the fridge, o, its 2 fridges.  Omg, look at that cooker and a my how busy is this house & tidy (I’m so proud).  I do have a house in "walk in condition whatever that means" and no problems where found or I should type spotted so we passed.  A decleration of being a good neighbour had to be signed but I ignore my neighbours so thats not a problem so onwards for another yr but what a heart stopping time it was.
I was a total nervous wreck.  A little turd of a man and I was bricking it.  O and there is a positive.  In less than a fortnight my house has been painted and its presentable.  I would even allow my mother into my bedroom.  More importantly, I would allow my mother into my girls bedroom.  I did even manage to get all the front house blind changed and since taking the old venetians down and replacing them with new suede roman blind the outside looks pretty good too.  Just a pity the old carpets are still on the floors but the 2 of them were covered wth throws so even they looked ok.
So now the tough stuff starts, keeping it that way.  The kids whilst not helping havent really hindered.  They’ve just got used to staying out the way and thats ok.  The dropping of clothes has been erradicated by extra laundry bins and the bins in every corner seem to be being used.  I suspect it wont last but just for tonight every room looks great.  Poor shed still has the girls washng but heh, nothings perfect eh.
Work was fine.  I think perhaps my line manager has become surplus to requirement but thats not my problem.  I dont get involved.  I’m happy, enthusiastic and cope efficiently.  It was hinted that I move to another shop that has no team leader but since its not in my town its not an option and I’m happy where I am.  Its a whole shop effort, not just mine and ts nice that they appreciate us.
Ok, the tough part of today Fthr Harry.  Faith is important to me.  I am human.  When the shit hits my fan I pray but honestly, I’m happy.  I’m a happy, contented little bunny with my lot.  Something doesnt suit me I go around it .  I do still pray I just dont need to get down on my knees in front of a crucifix to do it.  However being in a sacramental year – am I not always, I have to get the faith bug back and attend Sunday mass.  I guess I cant bring my chldren up in faith if I’m not practising it can I.  I made a commitment and I’ve never been a quitter.
Strangely the one thing thats been missing from my world this week has been music.  I havent had my ipod in my ears once and I feel happier.  Not sure if their’s a connecton but I’m going to leave it for a while see how I feel.  Well, its about time for me to do some ironing.  Life maybe boring but its never dull
light clicked on