Should’ve known

When I take the time to cook dinner, few want to eat it.    It didnt matter that a fortune was spent on beef.  That I made yorkshire puddings & pastry, blah, blah.  Half remained uneaten,.  Ah well, can but try..
Amazingly I have managed to find the bottom of my laundry cupboard.  Those laundry bins are worth there weight in gold.  Placed in hall 2 & 3 the little people are trained.  Clothes taken off are dropped straight into the bins.  I remove top one as I come downstairs, drop the washing from that into bin 2 and its in the washing machine.  No laundry cupboard required.  Its washed and out.  Okay I kinda forgot to bring it in from the garden today but it’ll be fine until the morning.  How come its working though?  No clothes in my sitting-rrom, halls.  Even the girls bedroom has a clothes free floor.  Weird but I’m not going to fight it.
Im sure the doo-doo will hit the fan but until it does I’m going with the flow.  I dont have an excuse to even paint anything.  Since the house inspection nothing has been put on any walls.  Its a great excuse when someone puts something on the wall.  I had hoped by now something would have been vandalised but nope.   I have to admit I’m a bit bored at home.  House is ticking along so well that I have nothing to do.  Ok, Im not to bored  to tidy the tardis that is the cupboard outside my sitting-room but it still has space for "extra" so until it needs done, it wont be.
Im feeling a bit lonely here on WLS but the ship is still afloat and so am I.
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