Should’ve known

When I take the time to cook dinner, few want to eat it.    It didnt matter that a fortune was spent on beef.  That I made yorkshire puddings & pastry, blah, blah.  Half remained uneaten,.  Ah well, can but try..
Amazingly I have managed to find the bottom of my laundry cupboard.  Those laundry bins are worth there weight in gold.  Placed in hall 2 & 3 the little people are trained.  Clothes taken off are dropped straight into the bins.  I remove top one as I come downstairs, drop the washing from that into bin 2 and its in the washing machine.  No laundry cupboard required.  Its washed and out.  Okay I kinda forgot to bring it in from the garden today but it’ll be fine until the morning.  How come its working though?  No clothes in my sitting-rrom, halls.  Even the girls bedroom has a clothes free floor.  Weird but I’m not going to fight it.
Im sure the doo-doo will hit the fan but until it does I’m going with the flow.  I dont have an excuse to even paint anything.  Since the house inspection nothing has been put on any walls.  Its a great excuse when someone puts something on the wall.  I had hoped by now something would have been vandalised but nope.   I have to admit I’m a bit bored at home.  House is ticking along so well that I have nothing to do.  Ok, Im not to bored  to tidy the tardis that is the cupboard outside my sitting-room but it still has space for "extra" so until it needs done, it wont be.
Im feeling a bit lonely here on WLS but the ship is still afloat and so am I.
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Completely hacked off

  You remember he who was called Noddy.  His DW sent a nasty message to my sis  via facebook that included reference to me and sister went balistic.  The content to her was dont ask to be my friend then followed a snide comment about me.  I’ve never been bothered by peoples thoughts about me so just laughed but sis went off the deep end.  She phoned him and let rip.  He said he knew nothing about it and didnt have a facebook account.  Long story so I get copy of email link to f/book.  The comment although posted by his current wife had come from his account at 2.49am on 10/10??  Amazing how accounts not created can have your face on them.  Anyhow, sister gets a grovelling apology in text when actually it was she who had contacted his wife & asked to be added as a friend.  Her idea of a wind up.  I didnt even know my sister was on facebook and I certainly havent went looking for him.  His wife did tell sister to get over it which I kinda agree with but why not just block instead of going to a cheap shot at my expense.  I haven’t done anything (most unlike me) but since I found it funny and no harm was done maybe better to let Noddy think what he likes.  Just weird.
Anyway.  Work is work and home is home.  Kids go back to school tomorrow after there mid term break and since I was working last week I didnt really notice them off.  What I did notce was the amount of grandparents given the responsibilty for there grandkids who dont seem to care about the kids.  One lovely gran this morning left her little grandson of about 6 in tears because she wouldnt buy him a 99p car.  It was 99p and her reason?   All hes done is ask for "stuff" this morning,.  I give up.
Christmas stock has arrived and I’m so excited.  The downside is we’ll be up to our eyes in it from now until New Year.  Bright side, lots of money generated.  Its all good.
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No Im not ready

Already I cant get access to 2 contacts blogs.  Blogs I read often and they’ve been deleted, presumably off to wordpress without so much as a link.  Not even an emoticon of tears can I send.  Actually there isnt a tear one haha.  So, no, I’m not ready, I shall never be ready.  I’ll go but with my face tripping.
back to me, anyway.  I was told yesterday that a guy someone knows doesnt come in during my shift because he finds me intimidating.  I used to get called that when I was younger and always put it down to my attitude.  I’m bothered now.  Attitude is now sweet; or as sweet as it gets.  I’m left wondering exactly what it is that this guy find intimidating.  I do see him walkng past but given he feels that way would there be any point in asking him?  Nah, dont think so.  I guess we’re all intimidated by something or someone, I just cant believe I’m one of those someones.  I would say its because of my height since I stand over 6′ at work but given he’s a tall guy himself it cant be that.  I dont give attitude at work although I did have a conversation with him about fair pricing & I wouldnt be moved but that shouldnt intimidate anyone.  I huffed and puffed last nght about it and just couldnt figure it out.
I should be at mass.  One of my awkward little people decided he was going to come and carry on.  When told he wasnt coming sacramental child threw his dummy and says he wasnt ether so no one went.  I dislike taking chldren to mass.  They’re distracting and I’ve never been able to reconsile practising my faith with beng a parent.  I cant listen and be distracted at the same time, I dont see the point.
Extra rubbish bins, laundry bins seem to be the key to a tidy house.  I do have a mountain of washing but thats my failing.  House is still they same, weirdly.  I do have to moan and nag constantly but so long as I have the energy and patience to do that I think my house is safe.  Not even a pencl line on any bannisters or walls.  Whsper it but maybe they are begnning to grow up!!  what a thought eh.
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