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The Key to Success


    Recognise That Most of What We Believe About Life Is an Illusion

     Seek the Aid of Others Who Are In Sympathy with Your Goals

     Reach A Little Higher Than You Thought You Could

    Believe Money Is Good and It Will Come To You

    Never Let Anyone Control Your Destiny for You

    Review Your Results and Readjust As Necessary

    Learn To Visualise the Outcome of Your Goals

    Recognise That Success Is More than Money    Keep Fit

    Learn Everything You Can About Your Job   Be Kind

    Set Specific Goals and Review Them Often     Meditate

    Never Let Anybody Steal Your Dream         Be Honest

    Trust Others and Be Worthy of Trust           Think Big

    Take Responsibility for Your Action           Eat Right

    See Problems As "Opportunities"                Be Strong

    If You Agree To Do It, Enjoy It                 Be Tolerant

    Keep You’re Priorities Straight                Be Creative

    Give Assistance to Others                           Take Action

    Don’t Be Afraid Of Success                     Be Optimistic

    Take Care of the Details                           Have Courage

    Believe In A "Higher Self"                      Control Stress

    Create Your Own Future                Never Give Up

    Do Everything with Love              Don’t Hate

    Chart Your Own Course                Have Faith

    Focus On What You Want                Work Hard

    Learn To Sell Yourself                Dress Right

    Be Generous To Others               Take Time Off

    Don’t Procrastinate                  Set You’re Sights

    See the "Big Picture"                Show Affection

    Believe In Yourself                  Stay in Control      

    Manage Your Time                 Believe In God

    Think Positively                    Get Organised

        Keep Motivated              Live Prudently