Its the thought that counts?

My eldest son was out of his bed before I left for work this morning.  He even told me to have a good day.  Anyway he told me he was going to have flowers delivered on Sunday since its Mothers Day.  I dont really do commercialism and thats all it is so told him not to bother.  Out the mouth of my baby came well, I guess its the thought that counts, I thought it so guess you wont be getting them lol.

Could be he was just in a mood.  I warned him about trying on my shoes.  A pair of bright red 6″ platforms he just couldnt resist.  Unfortunately he tried to get through my kitchen door with them on and banged his head against the top of the door frame.  That wiped the smile from his face.  When I stopped laughing I did take my shoes back.

Got to love him..