Feeling used

O dear.  Someone needs money again.  Not an unexpected bill.  A bill that was split into 2 halfs.  One in January, one due today.  In there defence, it was mentioned to me on Wednesday that they maybe short and could I give them the difference?  Yeh, blah, blah.  So today we have the big show of counting out our pennies.  Still £700 short and then comes the can I have your bank card?  Ok.  I paid the first lot in January, short by £600.  I was supposed to be paid £50 a week back but have only had £250 back.  “We” have a running tab so it just gets added on, no problem.  Okay I have 2 daughters who have birthdays in the next fortnight but thats never a problem, I cover birthdays.

I actually think I need some counselling.  When I show my distain I’m looked at as if its my fault they’re a financial car wreck.   I get a sigh with you’ll get every penny back.  Ok, thats when it suits him and his car bills are paid.   How many men hand there wife £70 a week with the words thats my keep money and what do I say?  O thank you.  Is it normal that a working man doesnt contribute to his home or any bills.  His kids clothes, shoes, christmas or birthdays.  Is it enough that he can do housework and take the kids out, do shopping.  hes a financial sponge that isnt improving with age,.  Worse, i give a very stern lecture and hand over however much is required.  Ah fuck, I blame my parents.  Beats the hell out of blaming myself.  What role models we are to our children.