Loaded question?

I’m the first to arrive in work.  A bit obvious since I have the keys.  Jim is always second.  He’s one of those you can depend on.  So much so I dont even put the kettle on, I just leave that to him.  Maybe I should have realised when he asked “how would you feel if I said I was leaving?”.  Um okay, why ask that was my reply.  I thought that was an okay answer.  He said, well, because I am.  I pick my chin off the floor.  Now this is my guilty bit.  He’s telling me why and I’m already juggling staff in my head, trying to replace him.  I’m going to struggle without him.  I might have to start making my own coffee/tea and  get someone new to replace him.  I was  only thinking the other day how strange it is when working everyday with people we get to know them, know how they tick and how quickly we become comfortable with others.  on to all change I guess.

I had quite a shit day actually.  Between Jim’s news and a general feeling of freakin life plus its Wednesday I just didnt feel happy today.   I had the weirdest of days yesterday.  I felt I was rushed and I kept thinking someone was watching me.  I dont know why I just had an uneasy feeling whenevr I went out our door.  I usually feel at home outside in our moll but yesterday I didnt & I spend time outside looking in.  Today I solved that by not venturing outside.