Pub visit

I’m going out with grown-ups tomorrow afternoon.  One of our guys J is leaving.  I always thought of J as being a very moody shallow guy & to be honest I haven’t changed my view but I will miss him lol.    He’s moving his life 300mls away to be closer to his children.  Makes my heart sing.  Anyway my shift is going out.  Strangely none of our shifts guys drink.  I did have the pleasure of meeting our  new guy and that didnt make my heart sing.  I wanted some fit guy and I end up with a guy in his 70’s.  Okay, hes a very nice guy but he’s not up to filling J’s shoes.  O and by fit I dont mean the eye candy fit I mean physically up to the demands of the job.  Just thought i’d make that clear.  My plan for tomorrow is leave work at lunch time, sit in a corner in our rather grotty local pub and stick a straw in a bottle of Vodka and get slightly merry for a couple of hours before I need to come home for the school kids.

Not done much else except work & worry.  I’m having a prob with my youngest and whilst I’m not going to type about it I am giving myself a headache pulling my hair out over it.  Thankfully my sons are away to footie so I have an hour of peace.