Monday blues

My day started with son No 2 leaving for a week.  This led me to arriving in work later than I’m comfortable with.  Anyway get my head down and just get on with my Monday stuff.  One woman had a bit of a paddy.  I didnt look at her when I said good morning and I asked her to do something different from her normal.  I step over her toys on the floor, take her to the kitchen.  I explain why she was asked.  I apologise for my rude behaviour pointing out it hadnt been intentional and went outside to calm my freakin bad mood down.  I also had to “talk” to a member of staff about her purchases that she doesnt pay for.  An awkward conversation from me met with sheer hostility.   Not one of my better days at work.  I think I’m going to just put my professional head on and distance myself a little.  I sometimes forget I’m the team leader.  I have to have the difficult “chats” and whilst I know they’re not always appreciated they have to be done.

Home at least is normal.  Tonight I’ve been thinking about not working.  Making my life once more boring.  A stay at home Mum without kids around all day seems absurd to me now.   I have 7 kids and I  would struggle to fill an entire day.  Work however is becoming frustrating.  I just feel its more trouble than its worth and thats not good.  So balance boredom against frustration.  I dont know.

I’m off to bed.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.