One of those days

As today hopped towards this evening I knew it was going to be a bumpy night.  Eldest daughter came home with a serious attitude.  I knew trouble was approaching but didnt know who was going to get her wrath.  2nd daughter was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I try not to get involved between them.  I prefer to bellow for eldest son who turns himself into a sumo ninja and breaks them up.  I had decided that the girls room was just to much of a tip for me to deal with.  I had just parted with a fkn grand & I was in no mood for being nice.

My girls whilst I love them to bits are pigs.  Lazy pigs who have had everything there little hearts could possibly desire.  They ask, I buy.  The consequence is they are all spoilt.  They retire to there room to bitch about how hard done to they are and how its all my fault.  I rise above it.  I take there wii, laptops and mobile phones.  If they aint for tidying I aint for playing.  My fab little darlings went to sleep haha.

I did fair better with my younger son’s.  They just need to be spoken to in a soothing voice.  Ask them to understand from my point of view.  They have a conflab & agree to sort there mess.  No huffing just tidy there shit away.  Son’s 3 & 4 really are good.  I’m now wondering why as my brain hits lightbulb, they want new trainers.  They will tow my line until they have them then revert to type.  All I have to do is hold out & not buy them lol.

I’m still annoyed about the grand bill.  Fuckin, fuckin pissed is a better description.  If your wondering why I dont just say something or refuse I honestly dont know.  Perhaps because if I do say something I will get the mind game of of course he understands.  He knows hes taking advantage but its in hand, it will be paid back.  My brain would scream.  I would end up imploding.  I would get whats the prob, you got the money, it’ll get paid back?  Easy.  O yeh, easy when its my money.  I wasnt brought up that way.  Whats his is his own & mine should be mine.  That was a dedision he made when it suited him.  We have never been equals when it comes to money.  I’ve always had it & he knows how to just fritter it.  Its crazy.  You have a bill approaching why the fuck would you not budget for it? 

Not to worry 🙂 I will get over it.  Of course I should wise up but heh what would I have to moan about haha.  Tomorrow is another day and I will drop my money into the bank so my bank balance doesnt go down.   Its probably just me but I sometimes think my family only tolerate me because of my monetary value.  Mum buy me this, mum pay for that.  Jacq have you paid, could you pay.  Is it sad that I wish just once in a while someone would say its okay I’ll pay & I dont mean a freaking mcdonalds latte.  Wonder how they would feel about me if I wasn’t the bank cashier they all think I am.  Well at least they all can stick the card in my mouth, hit the numbers on my foehead beside the word mug and out pops money.  How freakin cool that must be for them all.