Lent approaches

Its the start of lent tomorrow.  How quickly this year is moving.  Lent is very tedious for me.  The kids start off with great intentions.  I do the usual blah, blah things.  Stop unnecessary shopping.  Stop using the internet for all but essential stuff.  Actually someone in work thought that was funny.  I’m not sure I like being laughed at but I can rise above it.

Lent is a time for quiet contemplation.  I dont do that well.  It allows me time to think & breathe and that scares me.  My life is as it is.  I dont need time to think about it lol.  I do pray.  I dont pray for devine intervention however.  I dont pray for the world to change.  Actually not sure if we’re supposed to pray for anything.  I dont ask for anything anyway.  I’ve never been big on the ask and ye shall receive ethos.  Jeez, maybe thats what I’m doing wrong.

I may or may not be back here within the next 40 days.  Is 40 days without wordpress, blogger, facebook and all other internet crap enough of a give up?  I’m not sure it is.