A visit from my past life

As a grown up I try not to visit my past to often.  The stuff I grew up with is private.  I dont discuss it.  I never mention it.  Last night eldest went out with his friend.  Eldest had been drinking since the afternoon.  I texted & asked if he had his key.  No came  the reply but he’d will be home soon.  My front door is locked at night.  Anyway I hear him walking along the hall.  i had expected him to use the letter box like most people would but he jumped over my garden wall & through the backdoor.  Okay so I go downstairs, knock on his door & walked in.  Out came a disgusted and what do you want you nosey ignorant bastard.  Um, I reply with an excuse me and did he not just say it again.  His friend is sitting on his bed.  So what do i do to a 20yr old who’s obviously very drunk?  Its a no brainer for me.  i point my finger and say quietly  kitchen, now.  Into the kitchen we go and he sits on a chair.  He’s ready for a fight.  Here’s were my experience comes in.  I stand, non aggressive and say very quietly you do not ever talk to me like that.  I stand whilst he rabbits on and interrupt with my blah, blah.  He says I wasnt listening.  OMG  my Dad is back.  Sitting in front of my, pissed as a fart.  The only thing missing was the fists banging.