Getting weirder still

Telephoned my Regional Manager this morning.  I was a bit dim on the phone yesterday and had assumed I was to attend a meeting for all the team leaders.  I found out it is in fact just me.  I hate speaking to her.  Anyway I get my brave hat on and ask what its about.  i get told some issues where  brought to her and she pushed them up to the Hospice.  Billy wants them adressed and she’ll be there in a supportive role for me.  Its okay but i’ve not to worry or stress about it?  Um being dim again but why would I need her there to support me.  I didnt feel any better when she said well I know you & you know me.  Is that supposed to make me feel better.  I was told they wouldnt come on site because chinese whispers would start and they prefer to do it at the hospice.  Billy being the operations director is extrememly busy and cant deal with said issues until Monday.  I fkn hate waiting.  Worse I dont know whats going on.  I have a header of “issues” but no clue to what the issues are.  I didnt like being told that I will have the opportunity to put my side.  Yeh but of fkn what.  I feel like I’m in headlight glare.  

I feel uncomfortable in work.  I have no idea who has said what and thats not a nice feeling.   I feel harassed and left dangling without a parachute.  I know I will have to wait it out.  I just wish it was all over lol.