This is my world

I sometimes speak in metaphors.  You know when you want to say something but you know whomever its directed at wont receive it well, well I do so in metaphors and if they get it, great.  If not I leave them wondering.  I also hit out song titles to people.  I have to really know someone well to share my musical taste.  I usually share music with men.  I find they work off a slower boil and they have to source the music before they have a clue what I’m trying to say.  I do it with Andy in work cos he’s a heavy metal fan and I like to annoy him with my rubbish as he calls it.  last night i had a freaky dream.  I receive a text with a song title, nothing more.  Its a number I dont recognise.  Anyway the song track is by Paulo narwhatshis name singing last request.  Em in dreamland I go to indignant partly because I have no idea who sent it & partly because of the content.  I send back Kelly Clarkson singing Gone.  Freaky dream lol..

I’m obviously relaxed because its Friday.   I may start a new routine for a Friday night.  Years ago when the kids were younger Friday night was spent online.  First with Noddy who got divorced, got remarried and well, that wouldnt work for me lol.  Isn’t it sad when you cant stay friends with someone.  Ok friends would so not have worked.   I still miss him though.   I then began to share with a woman who was a carbon copy of me.  Middle aged and disillusioned.  She got divorced and remarried & doesnt do any night alone.  I’ve never really created a new routine.  Think I should.  Okay so messenger isnt an option.  No one uses it anymore.  Facebook is great for chat but I dont really do chat so stay offline lol.  So, I may have to just open a bottle of wine and find something online thats really interesting to a half drunk oldie like me haha.

Today.  Today is passing isn’t it.  Still got dinner to prep.  House is tidy & I aint looking passed or under the tidy.  Washing is still ongoing.  Think I have one more load and I’m done.  Both tumble driers are on and so long as I remember to empty them i may actually get a wash free kitchen.  Its only a hope but fingers crossed lol.  Been a strange day today.