A big day

My Big sis is 50 today.  We’ve spent every one of her birthdays together since her divorce.  We now share her birthday with my Mother.  Anyway I think she had a good day if a little strained.  Whenever we had family get togethers my Dad and I carried the conversation between us.   Today its wasn’t so easy for me.  Whenever we’re together I really miss my dad.  Anyway I escaped to the beer garden for a fag.  That didnt make me feel great either.  Happy families and couples.  I’m not part of either of those groups really.   I did have a feel sorry for myself moment but it was a special birthday so I did get a grip quickly and enjoyed my non drink day.

Kids and puppy managed brilliantly without me today.  They even manged to hang my washing out so take-away for dinner & I didnt have to cook.  Back to reality tomorrow.