Parent world…


Hip things

II blame the Stereophonics for putting the word hip into my brian.  Anyway today at work has been & gone.  Since its Friday I’m in a kinda lala mood.  Inside I’m singing lol.  Everything & everyone is putting a smile on my face.  Even the customer in work this morning whom I asked how his day was going replied why the fk you asking that didnt annoy me.  So he didnt want to share; not my problem.  I really cant help the fact my parents brought me up to be polite.  One of my few failings.  I did go shopping after work.  I bought a large chess piece.  I have been told its a king.  I wouldn’t know.  Obviously I cant play but it looks funky (another today word).  I also bought a groovy (yep, another of todays words) little unit for the side of my sofa.  I know I’m doing that fill every corner with furniture but I honestly cant help doing that.  I bought a vase and some flowers for my sittingroom.  I had intended to sit it between 2 of my windows.  Bloody blinds are too thick so it just toppled over whenever the blinds were touched.  Anyway small groovy unit will sit in corner and flower thingy will sit on top.  In a hip, funky, groovy way thats a little corner of nice just for me.  I annoy myself when I get silly words stuck in my head.  I just go with it.

I’m just waiting for 3 youngest kids to burst through my front door.  Yehhh school is finished for another week.  School uniforms will be washed, dried and ironed just to remind me that Mum doesnt have the weekend off.  I used to think being a Mum would be realy cool.  Never a dull moment with kids about.  Dull for me is washing, drying and all the hassle that goes with that chore.  I know I dont do much other than wash clothes, clean toilets & cook but that for me is more than enough.  Better go try and bribe them to get changed..


Just as I said…

Its my own fault.  I did think I had thought my little name searcher out.  Put my name in a search engine followed by the word wordpress & your delivered here.  With whoever doing that I worked out who it was.  Check my stats today & my name is there.  Whats not there is the wordpress tag on.  Okay I did laugh out loud but heh.  I hope they have looked in my facebook page haha.  I do have 392 contacts so I will never know who’s looking.  I get loads of friends suggestions so I never bother checking.  Just when I think its okay cos I know who it is I start to doubt myself.  The person I thought it was wouldn’t play games.  Funny how when I thought I knew who it was I felt okay, they know about my life.  They’ve been reading enough lol.    Now I’m not so sure but whatever, it wont change what I do.   Anyway they dont usually visit on a Friday so tomorrow is safe.

Work has been & gone.  Dinner was cooked & eaten.  My own washing is still outside.  My bit of sky has given us fab sunshine all day.  Eldest who’s washday it is today had his washing done & dried by 11am.  I just sneaked my own in this afternoon 🙂  Washing is up to date.  Tomorrow is school uniforms so until tomorrow afternoon my machine can have a rest.  I like Thursdays.  I can see the end of the week approaching & I love not having to hassle the kids about uniforms.  I cant believe August is almost over.  This getting older shit is rubbish.  The days can drag & the years zoom.  Before I know it I’ll be to old to wax my eyebrows or dye my hair – dont see it happening but even the thought of it is pretty frightening.


Why dont I feel glad

I got a text from the witchy woman who made work for me a living hell earlier on this year.  She told me that she’s on new meds.  She’s going to take an extra week off work in the hope the meds will help her breathing.  When she returns she’s going to cut her hours down to 3 days rather than 5 days.  I should be feeling glad.  I was accused of bullying her because I had sussed there was something wrong at our till area.  I never thought she was stealing I just thought perhaps she was over brash with customers.    Since she has control of that area I had removed her.   She badgered me for days & eventually it went to our head office.  By the time I was called in she had a couldron brewing & I was in the firing line.  I stood my ground.  She had a number of goes at me until I told her I wouldnt & couldnt talk about it.  We both agreed to drop it.  I never felt the same around her & I guess she knew it.  Its hard to just carry on working with someone when you know they’ve been 2 faced about you & yet I couldnt say anything.  I just got on with my work.  I dont talk about anything other than work to her or those that I know where involved.  I dont even send a text to any of them.  The arrival of Mr Manager has been good for me.  I just cascade his new ideas down.  If they’re not met with favour I just direct them back to him.  Its a bit like delivering bad news without the fallout.  I actually agree with what he’s doing.  Anyway witchy had tried to gain favour with Mr manager.  He treats us all the same so no wiggling in with him.  I think she’s just decided to cut her losses.  Anyway I can juggle us around and fill her shoes.  I’m just not jumping for joy like I thought I would be.  I do admit its a relief though.


Each to there own

The debate over whether Scotland should allow same sex marriages is causing some hot debate.  Whether or not we agree with it shouldn’t be an issue.  Our Cardinal has entered the debate.  He actually sent a copy of his statement to every chapel.  It was read out on Sunday after mass.  The Catholic Church was against homosexuality of any kind until the 1970’s.  During the 70’s the stance changed and whilst being homosexual isnt a sin the act of homogenital is.   So think it is fine but act on your thoughts your in trouble lol.   We have been taught that homosexuality is no ones fault,.  We are also encouraged to be more understanding & compassionate to homosexuals than we are to everyone else.  Um never quite got why.  Maybe they’re special but I think understanding & compassion is a basic human right we should afford every human being.

I am a Catholic.  I married, had 8 children.  I have always tried to live within the perametors of my faith.  I am however not sure where I stand regarding the debate about whether or not gays should be allowed to get married.  They currently can enter into civil partnerships so why isn’t that enough.  Since the Catholic faith is against the practice of homosexuality I dont ever see gays being allowed to marry in front of the  Catholci God.  On facebook there’s a campaign ongoing against Cardinal O’Brien.  It states that he’s a bigoted man in a funny hat.  I dont think thats amusing.  He’s a man who is giving the opinion of his faith.  Does that automatically mean thats his personal opinion?  I’m not sure what the answer is.   I have a big cousin who is gay.  He is a lovely man who’s been with his partner for yeas.  Would he want to get married?  Dont think so & why should he.   My personal opinion?  I dont care one way or another.


Yuk, yuk

Puppu story but heh, I have a puppy!! So yesterday puppy starts scooting his bum along my flooring.  I have one carpet in my home so he was also dragging it along that to.  I clean puppies paws & butt at least once a day.  I looked at his butt and it just didnt look right.  Bulging & bright red.  Of course I discovered this after 6pm so Vets is shut.  I figure that washing it wont do it any harm.  O how he yelped so it was obviously sore.  He was a very unhappy puppy but he was eating and pooping just fine.  Im my head if those boxes are ticked it cant be that bad.

By late last night everytime he moved my eyes are on his butt.  It didnt get any better or worse.  On getting up this morning I look and its crusty.  It had been leaking clear liquid during the night.  He wouldnt sit on it & didnt want me near it.  I’m on the phone at 9am and get an appointment for the Vet.  Cutting to the chase he had blocked anal glands.  A quick squeeze by a vet and I’m £11 poorer but with a puppy who can sit down.  I was totally stressed lol.  For me the responsibility of a pet is just as great as that of being a parent.  Huge responsibility.  The buck starts & ends with me.

Onto work which I fitted in around stressing about Fudge.  Not as busy as yesterday but not my problem.  I just did my thing & I left on time today.  I did nip for a sneaky lunch.  Mr Bean just wanted to eat & run.  Not a lot of point in going out if your just want to gobble your food.  I did at least eat.  No washing today.  Sticking to the rota means its Mr Beans wash day.  He doesnt stick to the rota.  He’s a I please myself as long as I’m allowed man & I dont stress it.   Actually even when things are pointed out to him he still pleases himself haha.

O & I had a thought.  The person who searches my name also adds the word wordpress.   That means they’re only interested in this site.  They dont want to know anything else about me,.  If they did they would get far more out my Facebook page.  Ah I can breathe easy lol.  I know who it is.  I would personally just open another wordpress a/c.  What I wouldnt do is leave it open for anyone else to read.  I certainly wouldnt delete it but that wasn’t my call.  I hope your standing up for yourself anyway.  Its strange not knowing whats going on in someone’s world after following there writing.  Your left wondering.  The briefest of thoughts and then its gone simply because there’s nothing to follow anymore.  Its easy to guess but guessing is not an exact science is it.  People change dont they; as it should be.



Long day

Today has been a long day.  A hour for lunch and I was in work till 5pm.  Eldest had attempted to cook chicken tikka curry.  We now know he cant cook rice.  Will store that info for future use.  It was just one of those days.  Work flowed so well.  Home, just falls apart.  The amount of effort put in doesnt matter.  Kids do what they want & I sigh deeply lol.  We have managed to get the washing back up to date.  Kids have finally realised if they dont deliver it to the kitchen, I dont wash it.  Thats progress.  Really it is.

I also managed to dust my tv & the crap, oops ornaments that sit on the unit.  The wood seriously needs a good sand and revarnish but at least its clean.  I have had the intention of deep cleaning my bathroom but I just dont seem to have the time until the day is almost gone & I’m too tired.  It like everything else is in my queue.  It should be just a matter of time before I manage to get all those fun filled house chores done.

Well kiddies aren’t playing nice, bedtime is approaching & I’m looking forward to a bath.