End of a month

I’ve heard if you cant sleep its because your awake in someone elses dream  I dont think thats true.  It certainly wasnt true last night.  Puppy wasnt in the mood to sleep so I was still up at 2am.  I suppose it gave me some thinking time without the chatter from little people.

I’m sure this happens to most of us.  Your having a conversation & someone says something that pricks your ears back & makes you sit up, take notice.  I had one of those moments yesterday.  it was almost like a lightbulb went on & suddenly i knew what I had to do.  No, i’m not telling what it is lol but its given me a fantastic idea for myself.  Something that’ll take up my time and totally absorb me.  It wont cost me anything which is perhaps just a well.

I did see my big sister yesterday which made me feel better.  I always feel better after a talking to from her.  I miss my Dad and she isnt the same but since she’s the bet I’ve got I work with it.

I now have  my Mother visiting so better give her my attention.  Have a great day..