Fun times

I think next year I may have a Halloween party.  I’ve never decorated my house but kids are all old enough to have fun with it.  It fear has gone which is lovely.   Kids all had a blast.  Lots of sweets have been consumed.  Our door started being rattled at 5pm & its all  over.  Its cute seeing all the little kids out.  It seems a bit strange how all year long we tell them not to talk to strangers then we send them to strangers door with the expectation of sweets lol.  Go figure.  It was super cold tonight so I think lots of parents went out & wanted quickly back.  I still have bags of sweets left, organisation is the key in my world.  Thats a first, left over sweets but the wont last long.

Work went smoothly today.  Cybertill let me log on this morning.  I was so excited I could have hugged Mr Manager.  I held back that temptation & just got my float in the till.  I actually managed to sort all but one of the tills hiccups today.  Tomorrow I’m on my own.  Mr Manager is off to help other Mr manager.  I’m trying not to stress it.  Just because Mr manager is without a mobile doesnt mean I can’t cope.  Please let me cope.  If I get through tomorrow I’m hoping i’ve cracked the cybertill.  Bloody ridiculous thing.  A keyboard thats configured strangely really knocks me off my stride.  I use the shift key to get a capital letter.  Not on our keyboard.  We have to hit the caps lock then take it off.  I didnt know whether to laugh when I found out or just p myself.  They went to the trouble of having the keyboard configured to not work haha.  Its a mad world indeed.

I’m not going to mention any shit thats going on in my world.  its boring & tedious and totally unnecessary.  One funny thing though.  When I tore my shoulder muscle I was given diazepan by someone who is prescribed it.   Its a  drug given to treat a variety of things including muscle problems & anxiety disorders.  At least thats what I think it is.  Anyway I realised this morning that instead of taking the anti inflamatory I was actually taking diazepan &  I didnt even notice.  If anything I felt more stressed lol.  Anyway shoulder is lots better & life is going along as it should.



Blast from my past

I’m in work this morning.  I’m stressed & wishing I was anywhere but there.  Our little shop is busy.  I hear a voice saying omg Jacqui, you haven’t changed a bit.  I look over & see someone I haven’t seen in over 20yrs.  It was a woman I was friendly with before I got married.  She was supposed to be a bridesmaid at my wedding but well, wasn’t.  Anyway did a quick brief catch-up and back to reality.  God its so easy to forget people.  Suddenly they’re standing in front of you like time hasn’t changed.  We’re both older so obviously it has lol.

Work hasn’t improved.  New cybertill just doesnt like me.  To be fair I aint lovin it either.  Its slow, unresponsive & crashes like its a woman hitting menopause.  Well, I’m hoping thats what menopause’s like.  I cant wait to become a she devil with depleting hormones.  Middle age is rubbish haha.  Menopause however is something I’m looking forward to.

I’m home now.  Puppy & I have an empty house and I have nothing to do.  My quiet thinking time is approaching.  I know my thinking time will be full of negativety today.  I’m feeling very frustrated by Mr Manager.  I have no doubt in his own world he thinks he gives 110% to his job.  He just falls short for us staff.  What chance do we have when you tell him to right click the mouse and he has no idea what that means.  Seriously haha.  We work completely in different ways.  When a problem hits I try to fix it myself.   Only when I cant do I go to him.   His answer is just phone the help desk.  If we had training it may have been easier but we didnt.  We look like inefficient idiots in front of our customers and I dont appreciate that.  Training should have been given.  We really are out of our depths & signing in for every single sale is not only ridiculous its time consuming.  I could rant all day lol.

I’m off


My little snowflake

My Dad gave me a snowflake keyring years ago. I only noticed I had lost it shortly after he died. I was given his decade of the rosary he kept with his own house keys. I put it on my keyring & no snowflake. One of those things I had had forever that could have fallen off anytime. I dont stress stuff I cant change. I had lost it and forgot all about it. It had been hanging around for years and was just part of the rubbish at the bottom of my handbag. I never have to use my keys anyway so I dont look at them often. I dont even know where they are. ( note to self, find my keys!!).

I do change my handbag every week.I bought a new bag last Thursday. Well, its more a suitcase than a handbag. I told someone to get a pen out my bag, they dropped the bag and out fell my little snowflake. I cant use it but how the hell has it suddenly appeared in a new handbag 14mths after I last saw it?? Its now safely in my purse. How weird is that???

O and note my name doesnt have an “e” at the end of it. Mr Manager has our new printed receipt calling my Jacquie. I think its damn bloody rude not to spell someone’s name correctly. Especially when you see a name badge on them every bloody day. I might just get a name badge with my Sunday name. lol no one calls me it anyway..