So, so

-+Lack of wisdom to solve a situation based on true facts is usually hushed and brushed under the carpet of attitude. In the company of nincompoops and idiots a wise person would be conveniently blamed for having an attitude and unfortunately it is true the other way around as well, because true wisdom is a rare commodity and some times people really are very stubborn.  Quote from Dr Singh.

I’m a bit fucked off with people giving me there opinions of me without being asked.  Some are quite cute.  Some are  offensive.  I know I scare folks.  Its not something I do on purpose.  Today one of my daughters told me I just look full of attitude.  I dont even know what that means.  I’m just a regular Mum.  I know I stand out.  I dont mind that.  I’m only visiting this earth so being one of those woman you see & remember really doesnt bother me.  I am bothered by being told stuff that I see as negative.  It seems to me that if they knew me they would perhaps be a bit more tactful.  I used to like being seen as a tough cookie.  Maybe its a bit to late to actually point out that things hurt me.

Its been a long day.  I wonder if thats an age thing or just a Jacqui thing.  Someone told me that not everyone’s world spins the way Jacqui’s does lol.  I’m still a bit of a spoilt brat I guess.  I like things to go my way.  I would rather have my way than fit with anyone elses.  The parent in me knows thats not possible.  In my head though all bets are off.  Its plain to me I should always get my own way; o if only.

Tomorrow night is going to be a woop woop night.  I never use windows messenger.  I didnt even have it loaded on any of my systems.  Trying to take life back to before it  got fucked up means its back.  I’m going to messenger just like I used to.  Different person but i’m going to thoroughly enjoy myself.   Its going to be weird going back to messenger but well as a Mum I wouldnt leave my kids with my 21yr old.  I got my playlist sorted, my wine in the fridge.  She was a really good friend 20+yrs ago.  Think it’ll be a long fun night.

Mr Little name searcher.  Don’t think I’ve forgotten you.  I’m to close to work out who you are.  The words I type are mine.  I’m attached to them in a weird way.  I type little bits about me & my world.  Who I am at least on the surface is here.  So with that in mind I did what any sensible person with an annoyance would do.  I asked 2 people who know me & pretty much all my life history.  My Mr wasn’t much help.  His suggestion of are u sure it aint yourself didnt help.  Its not me.  Mr when realising I was serious says its unlikely to be a man cos they wouldn’t read without dirty pics haha & if dirty pics where involved why would  they be reading; in his head he makes sense but he’s only in his 30’s lol.  I’m beginning to think its someone called lost in france (its complicated to understand the name).  Fk Mark if its you, I really dont mind you reading.  You I know would read.  I’m on your messenger contacts list so pop in if you see me on.  Talk to me.  If its you thats cool.  My Mrs thinks its someone else.  Also a man but I dont want to type a name.   Mr Tattoo man will do.    I can’t begin to think its you.  I dont know how I would react.  Candy dreams still sit on high shelves Mr Tattoo man.    You can message me on facebook.  Whoever you are can message me.  You know my name obviously.   I’m about ready to either close this & go to private or just switch to another blog site.  I’m pretty much done.

My ipod is playing Fly away from Here by Aerosmith (good song to say good-night).  I found that song about 8yrs ago.  Youngest was a baby & I hated my life.  I thought life was running away from me.  I found this song one morning when i was in a swing park with my four pre-school kids.  It was pouring with rain.  Somehow this song made perfect sense.  if you’ve never found it go search it out on you tube;  I love it.

ni night