My New Years Wish

As 2012 crawls to a close I can’t say its been the worst year of my life.  Neither has it been my best.  We all survived it though didn’t we.  I hope 2013 see’s us all smiling, laughing & giggling just a little to much.  My Wish would be that all  this life brings you is all that you want it to be.  Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small.  that none of us have anything that God doesn’t think we can handle.  That those alone find happieness.  That those together stay that way.  That our little people stay strong & healthy.  That our older folks take comfort from wherever they can.

Most of all I hope we all get to where we want to be.  Whether we’re alone or with loved ones you got to admit life is better than none.  I wish you all a fabulous start to the New Year.  I shall raise a glass to each & everyone of you who have shared the woes of my life.

Happy 2013

Jacq/Jacqui/Jacqueline x