Down & out

This morning I decked it coming down my stairs.  I got past all the wrestlers on my top landing.  Reaching my next landing I thought I was safe.  My youngest son had placed a football boot against one of the stairs coming down onto the next landing,.  Decked it means I fell.  In a second I’m over on my ankle & on my knees with my head banging against my 2 cupboard doors.  My 13yr old helps me up & I come into my sitting-room.  I made some amount of noise.  Puppy had even came upstairs to see why I had let out such a yelp .  The indignity of it all.  Kids all looked at me with shock rather than the laughter I would have heard if eldest had been up.  Ankle is sore but its not anything that’ll slow me down.

I should be in full panic mode.  Youngest son is 9 next Saturday.  The following  Saturday I have something else on so this weekend is my last one off Mummy duty for a few weeks.    Weeks without a break from my children.  I’m feeling panic for other reasons though.  I long since figured that as a human being I can only panic about one thing at a time.  Its a clever safety mechanism.  The panic I’m currently in isn’t a huge problem.  Its one I’ve created for when my stress levels are low & I’m in need of crisis.  It just a low level that gets me anxious enough to keep my mind busy lol.

I’m feeling a bit deflated today.  I haven’t had any caffeine at all today so maybe thats why.  Missed my McD’s but that a whole other post.  I’m off & rushing.