From me a big thank-you!!!

Why would you put into a search engine “Jacqui needs somewhere to go today” not once but twice. Somewhere there’s a poor Jacqui. Alone on this Easter Sunday & stuck with nowhere to go lol. She aint me. I’ve already been out shopping and been to work. Our shopping centre looks weird on a Sunday. The only shop open is Argos. Even the car park doors were locked. I had to walk, yes walk to gain entry. Long story short Mr Manager doesn’t listen to me. I had told him my week off is not this coming week but he didnt register it & I had to go check the rota for tomorrow. I love when our shop is empty. Its peaceful 🙂

I love the end of lent. For me its an end to our reflective period & a time of celebration. A time for renewed hope in not only ourselves but in the world. I always feel excited on Easter Sunday & I don’t even like chocolate. Even our time has had its silly little piss about. We’re now in BST woo-hoo. Summer has arrived. It doesnt matter that our roads still have snow or that we lost an hour in bed. Summer has arrived. For those in England will you nitice the difference? In Central Scotland for the next few weeks it’ll look like winter in the evenings. Our children will be walking home from school at 4pm in near darkness & that’s not safe. I wish they wouold just leave time at GMT and stop pratting about.

I have a full house for dinner today. Natalie is my eldest son’s girlfriend. Don’t remember ever using her name before. Anyway she’ll be here and even Mr Bean will be at my table. Its my table and he’ll be allowed to sit at it lol. Easter & Christmas, think I can cope 🙂

I hope you all have a great day with people sharing the joy.
Sorry forgot to post. I got busy doing stuff. I’m done for today. Dinner was fab!!!